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In-Depth Interview: Pepe Escobar Shares China’s Perspective on Covid’s Role in ‘Hybrid War”

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Globetrotting journalist Pepe Escobar offers wide-ranging comments from an international perspective, on China’s view of Covid, decline of the US empire, and more…Once again, Pepe Escobar delivers priceless news analysis that’s not available in US media.

We open with his view of the worldwide shutdown from Bangkok, then he zooms out to talk about the crumbling European Union and NATO.

We shift to his remarkable ongoing analysis of China, which is undeterred by Trump’s trade war and the blowback over the pandemic.  He explains how China is using predatory capitalism–not military expansionism–to expand its sphere of influence as the US retracts its nonmilitary “soft power” based on diplomacy.

Near the end of the interview, Escobar delivers some breaking news and speculation about his native Brazil, where he sees the embattled Bolsonaro government reeling from the departure today of “Car Wash” prosecutor Sergio Moro and the re-ascent of military leaders running the government.