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PBC News & Comment: New Documentary Undermines “Green Energy Revolution”

New movie from environmentalist Jeff Gibbs exposes green energy as an illusion, argues that environmental leaders have led us astray…–hard truths and exposure of green leaders are deeply disturbing, watch the movie Planet of the Humans for free here

–in alarming anti-democratic move, 2-man NY state elections commission suspends presidential primary and uncontested state and local races

–winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court race strongly rejects the partisan court interference despite her victory

–Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, draws new support for her allegations from people she told years ago

–Assange ally and former UK ambassador Craig Murray faces contempt charges for blogging about hijinks in Scottish trial that ended in acquittal; Ray McGovern covered it here, and Grayzone Project here

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria reports that Assange extradition trial is delayed, in first ruling that favors the defense

–also at ConsortiumNews, Kevin Gosztola adds details to proposed Espionage Act Reform bill

–in 8-1 ruling, Supreme Court slams GOP efforts to kill Obamacare, orders government to pay billions to insurers; young GOP justices are itching for a gunfight

–French virologist who won Nobel (not Noble) Prize for revealing HIV, says Covid-19 RNA has small amounts of HIV; his bio is here, link to interview is here

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–researches report high rates of false positives in Covid antibodies tests, as WHO says no proof that people who’ve had the coronavirus are immune

–after Dr. Trump touted hydroxychloroquine, more than 30,000 Rx’s were written

–we review conflicting analyses of fatality rates related to the pandemic as Covid-related deaths reach plateau

–in recent podcast first posted at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Bell describes his odyssey with obsessive compulsive disorder, and how Covid can trigger new fears for “OC’s”

–CDC lists 6 primary symptoms of Covid, starting with loss of smell and taste

–pouty Trump threatened to end daily “briefings”, but sadly, reconsidered; on second day of his hiatus, the victim-in chief spent hours on Twitter

NY Times analyzed 260,000 worth of Trump word salads, main ingredient is self-praise

–at Boston Globe, columnist Michael Cohen says Trump should resign

–in illogical and disingenuous move, Mike Pompeo tries to use the Iran agreement that US breached to extend arms embargo

–is Kim Jong-Un dead, brain-dead, or alive and well? TMZ says he’s dead