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PBC News & Comment: New Documentary Undermines “Green Energy Revolution”

New movie from environmentalist Jeff Gibbs exposes green energy as an illusion, argues that environmental leaders have led us astray…--hard truths and exposure of green leaders are deeply disturbing, watch the movie Planet of the Humans for free here

--in alarming anti-democratic move, 2-man NY state elections commission suspends presidential primary and uncontested state and local races

--winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court race strongly rejects the partisan court interference despite her victory

--Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, draws new support for her allegations from people she told years ago

--Assange ally and former UK ambassador Craig Murray faces contempt charges for blogging about hijinks in Scottish trial that ended in acquittal; Ray McGovern covered it here, and Grayzone Project here

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria reports that Assange extradition trial is delayed, in first ruling that favors the defense

--also at ConsortiumNews, Kevin Gosztola adds details to proposed Espionage Act Reform bill

--in 8-1 ruling, Supreme Court slams GOP efforts to kill Obamacare, orders government to pay billions to insurers; young GOP justices are itching for a gunfight

--French virologist who won Nobel (not Noble) Prize for revealing HIV, says Covid-19 RNA has small amounts of HIV; his bio is here, link to interview is here

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--researches report high rates of false positives in Covid antibodies tests, as WHO says no proof that people who’ve had the coronavirus are immune

--after Dr. Trump touted hydroxychloroquine, more than 30,000 Rx’s were written

--we review conflicting analyses of fatality rates related to the pandemic as Covid-related deaths reach plateau

--in recent podcast first posted at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Bell describes his odyssey with obsessive compulsive disorder, and how Covid can trigger new fears for “OC’s”

--CDC lists 6 primary symptoms of Covid, starting with loss of smell and taste

--pouty Trump threatened to end daily “briefings”, but sadly, reconsidered; on second day of his hiatus, the victim-in chief spent hours on Twitter

--NY Times analyzed 260,000 worth of Trump word salads, main ingredient is self-praise

--at Boston Globe, columnist Michael Cohen says Trump should resign

--in illogical and disingenuous move, Mike Pompeo tries to use the Iran agreement that US breached to extend arms embargo

--is Kim Jong-Un dead, brain-dead, or alive and well? TMZ says he’s dead