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PBC News & Comment: Shrinks’ Org Works to Suppress Commentary on Our Stable Genius

American Psychiatric Association works with media to downplay and dismiss psychiatrists who publicly call Trump unfit, despite clear public evidence….–thanks to Ford Greene for sharing this revealing report by Joshua Kendall

–we get informed comment on the “Goldwater rule” from Dr. Justin Frank, author of Trump on the Couch

NY Times reporters review Trump’s “long disregard for science”

–displaying petulance and narcissistic need, Trump reversed himself, and held a briefer, more serious press event yesterday, about testing guidelines

Vox posts odd report of the event that appears to intentionally misinterpret his comments, while exposing lies about trade deficit

Vox also published a critique of Planet of the Humans that seems to intentionally miss the point of the documentary

–outrageously, climate action activists and some scientists are circling the Green wagons, embracing censorship by demanding documentary be squelched

–workers at Walmart, Amazon and more call strike for Friday, International Workers Day, as a range of employers use pandemic to bust unions

–Rep. David Trone (D-MD) is an owner of Total Wine, a billion-dollar company that is ending its $2/hour combat pay

–it’s not as bad as Florida, but California’s unemployment system is already struggling, as new wave of applications from self-employed start filing today

–NY Gov. Cuomo displays compassion fatigue for homeless and an admission of his own failures

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–Mitch McConnell softens his opposition to bailouts for states and call for bankruptcy, as David Sirota exposes Kentucky as #50 in pension stability

–big corporations have many ways to play the bailout game, as Sheriff Steve Mnuchin threatens to patrol the greedsters

WashPost fact-checkers confirm that Trump is lying about Postal Service red ink

–year-old FBI study warns of threat from anti-vaxxers, and Mark Crispin Miller says “this is war”

WashPost runs AP story that covers yesterday’s report of new corroboration for Tara Reade, first using misleading headline; CNN deletes archived show of Reade’s mother’s call to Larry King

The Grayzone publishes letter from OPCW whistleblowers that decimate’s the agency’s latest report on Syrian use of nerve agents

–Brazil’s Bolsonaro faces investigation by Supreme Court, could lead to impeachment effort

–Pentagon declassifies UFO photos that leaked

–satire site Babylon Bee shares unifying message from celebrities with yachts