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PBC News & Comment: Shrinks’ Org Works to Suppress Commentary on Our Stable Genius

American Psychiatric Association works with media to downplay and dismiss psychiatrists who publicly call Trump unfit, despite clear public evidence….--thanks to Ford Greene for sharing this revealing report by Joshua Kendall

--we get informed comment on the “Goldwater rule” from Dr. Justin Frank, author of Trump on the Couch

--NY Times reporters review Trump’s “long disregard for science”

--displaying petulance and narcissistic need, Trump reversed himself, and held a briefer, more serious press event yesterday, about testing guidelines

--Vox posts odd report of the event that appears to intentionally misinterpret his comments, while exposing lies about trade deficit

-- Vox also published a critique of Planet of the Humans that seems to intentionally miss the point of the documentary

--outrageously, climate action activists and some scientists are circling the Green wagons, embracing censorship by demanding documentary be squelched

--workers at Walmart, Amazon and more call strike for Friday, International Workers Day, as a range of employers use pandemic to bust unions

--Rep. David Trone (D-MD) is an owner of Total Wine, a billion-dollar company that is ending its $2/hour combat pay

--it’s not as bad as Florida, but California’s unemployment system is already struggling, as new wave of applications from self-employed start filing today

--NY Gov. Cuomo displays compassion fatigue for homeless and an admission of his own failures

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--Mitch McConnell softens his opposition to bailouts for states and call for bankruptcy, as David Sirota exposes Kentucky as #50 in pension stability

--big corporations have many ways to play the bailout game, as Sheriff Steve Mnuchin threatens to patrol the greedsters

--WashPost fact-checkers confirm that Trump is lying about Postal Service red ink

--year-old FBI study warns of threat from anti-vaxxers, and Mark Crispin Miller says “this is war”

--WashPost runs AP story that covers yesterday’s report of new corroboration for Tara Reade, first using misleading headline; CNN deletes archived show of Reade’s mother’s call to Larry King

--The Grayzone publishes letter from OPCW whistleblowers that decimate’s the agency’s latest report on Syrian use of nerve agents

--Brazil’s Bolsonaro faces investigation by Supreme Court, could lead to impeachment effort

--Pentagon declassifies UFO photos that leaked

--satire site Babylon Bee shares unifying message from celebrities with yachts