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PBC News & Comment: Most Americans Are Wary of Smart Phone Contact Tracing

As tech giants develop Covid tracking apps they say will protect user privacy, most Americans are unwilling or unable to participate…–trials in North Dakota and Singapore get limited acceptance

–Israeli firm sells software that can hack encryption of WhatsApp

–Rep. Justin Amash, Independent, conservative, libertarian from Michigan who opposes domestic surveillance and regime change wars, is running for president

–new fractures in Yemen show that Iran isn’t involved much—despite claims by US and Saudi—reports University of Michigan Prof. Juan Cole

–using pandemic as excuse, Israel considers asking US for double payment of arms funding this year

Intercept reporter Akela Lacey details how Andrew Cuomo is using pandemic to consolidate power and punish progressives

–NYC Mayor DiBlasio personally led dispersal of Orthodox Jews at Rabbi’s funeral, now faces claims of anti-Semitism, and Buzzfeed’s Matt Berman adds context

–Fauci offers sunny skies on Remdisivir at same time he predicts dark skies in fall and winter

–restrictions will be extended in Louisiana, as neighbors in Texas and Mississippi lift them

–dying for cheeseburgers? Trump uses the law he avoided, Defense Production Act, to keep meatpackers open despite serious outbreaks

–Trump’s double game is clear: support of protesters and religious groups that clearly violate his official guidelines

NY Times opinionator Frank Bruni says GOP leaders “drink the Kool-Aid” a phrase that’s sensitive to PBC

–Pentagon stalls on recommendation to re-instate Capt. Crozier on the Roosevelt

–in passenger plane manufacturing, both Boeing and Airbus face big losses

–in improved coverage, WashPost adds to coverage of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden

Buzzfeed reveals the Biden campaign talking points shared with Democrats

–video shows Biden dozing off during Hillary’s riveting endorsement statement

–in Kansas, Kris Kobach’s voter suppression rules are tossed out, again

–listener who prefers to be unnamed objects to our coverage of Planet of the Humans, and cites this critique by Cathy Cowan Becker