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PBC News & Comment: Kent State Massacre Was 50 Years Ago Today

Thuggish GOP Gov. Jim Rhodes deployed National Guard, allowed shoot-to-kill, and in 13 seconds 4 students were killed in Ohio…--along with Orangeburg, SC and Jackson State, MS, Kent State shaped my distrust of government

--did Joe Biden know that Senate and National Archives would refuse his request to search for complaint that Tara Reade says she filed?

--NY Times, late to the Reade story, runs editorial calling for investigation

--NY Times opinion writer Elizabeth Breunig tells Democrats, it’s time for “Plan B”

--from murky internet sources, attacks are launched at Reade’s credibility, some of which may be true; post by Krassensteins is here

--and the work of well-known journalist Hedgehog 200 is here

--a scan of the right-wing Daily Caller shows that Trumpers are all over this story

--Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who calls herself a feminist and survivor, supports Biden and resents Reade’s claims

--DNC boss Tom Perez compare’s Reade’s allegations to Hillary Clinton’s emails, “there’s nothing there”

--Trump tweets his call for an investigation—of Joe Scarborough

--in London, judge delays Assange extradition hearing to September

--newly-released FBI documents show Roger Stone coordinating foreign meddling in 2016 campaign, by Israel

--US veteran medic Jordan Goudreau claims his “troops” tried to invade Venezuela on Sunday, 8 were killed

--at The Grayzone, Ben Norton reveals that reports of Kim Jung-un’s death may have originated with Moonie news agency funded by National Endowment for Democracy

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Josh Meyers satirizes California Gov. Newsom

--in Fox “News” Town Hall from Lincoln Memorial, Trump alternates as victim of the media and president who’s done more than any other

--Trump backer Monty Bennet returns $70 million is small biz relief funds

--Trump appointee at HHS spent almost #b billion on small pox vaccine, from company he used to consult

--New report shows that Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky gets more pork that any other state

--in Rolling Stone, Bill McKibben responds to Planet of the Humans