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PBC News & Comment: Kent State Massacre Was 50 Years Ago Today

Thuggish GOP Gov. Jim Rhodes deployed National Guard, allowed shoot-to-kill, and in 13 seconds 4 students were killed in Ohio…–along with Orangeburg, SC and Jackson State, MS, Kent State shaped my distrust of government

–did Joe Biden know that Senate and National Archives would refuse his request to search for complaint that Tara Reade says she filed?

NY Times, late to the Reade story, runs editorial calling for investigation

NY Times opinion writer Elizabeth Breunig tells Democrats, it’s time for “Plan B”

–from murky internet sources, attacks are launched at Reade’s credibility, some of which may be true; post by Krassensteins is here

–and the work of well-known journalist Hedgehog 200 is here

–a scan of the right-wing Daily Caller shows that Trumpers are all over this story

–Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who calls herself a feminist and survivor, supports Biden and resents Reade’s claims

–DNC boss Tom Perez compare’s Reade’s allegations to Hillary Clinton’s emails, “there’s nothing there”

–Trump tweets his call for an investigation—of Joe Scarborough

–in London, judge delays Assange extradition hearing to September

–newly-released FBI documents show Roger Stone coordinating foreign meddling in 2016 campaign, by Israel

–US veteran medic Jordan Goudreau claims his “troops” tried to invade Venezuela on Sunday, 8 were killed

–at The Grayzone, Ben Norton reveals that reports of Kim Jung-un’s death may have originated with Moonie news agency funded by National Endowment for Democracy

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–Josh Meyers satirizes California Gov. Newsom

–in Fox “News” Town Hall from Lincoln Memorial, Trump alternates as victim of the media and president who’s done more than any other

–Trump backer Monty Bennet returns $70 million is small biz relief funds

–Trump appointee at HHS spent almost #b billion on small pox vaccine, from company he used to consult

–New report shows that Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky gets more pork that any other state

–in Rolling Stone, Bill McKibben responds to Planet of the Humans