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PBC News & Comment: To Tara Reade’s Accusations, Biden Says “Never Happened”

In MSNBC interview, Mika Brzezinski pressed Biden on archived documents, but never raised the corroborating witnesses or other women’s complaints--Buzzfeed reporters got candid, pre-interview comments from Tara Reade

--in wrenching commentary, Caitlin Johnstone reveals that she’s been raped multiple times

--as workers walk out of Amazon, Target and other retailers on International Workers Day, Juice Media delivers potty-mouth takedown of capitalism amid Covid

--Trump says Michigan Gov. Whitmer should “make a deal” with armed mob his allies have stoked

--as another warm weekend approaches, CA Gov. Newsom takes heat for closing beaches—only in Orange County

--LA Times shares sad story of young nurse who died before blowing the whistle on admission of very sick coronavirus patient

--our Covid-19 report for today, prepared by Linda Lewis  CDC report is here and CIDRAP report is here

--Intercept report says Brooklyn federal jail doesn’t test inmates, and destroys their requests for medical care

--with 62,000 Covid-related deaths, Trump has mourned only a few people he knew

--Pentagon’s DARPA researchers are working on test that can detect coronavirus before they become infectious

--LiveScience report says nobody knows where the virus came from, then asserts it didn’t come from Wuhan lab

--as Pelosi plans legislation to deliver $1 trillion to states, both Houses remain in recess, and senators resist McConnell’s plan to meet next week

--some of the bailout money is going to media outlets that actually seem to fit the criteria for Paycheck Protection Program

--FBI boss Chris Wray, who now wants access to encrypted apps like WhatsApp, used to argue in favor of encryption when he represented WhatsApp

--Canada imposes immediate ban on assault weapons

--Netanyahu’s prosecutor says Bibi can form a government even though he is facing corruption trial

--at The Grayzone, Gareth Porter says Israel fabricated Iranian documents that Netanyahu used to persuade Trump to scuttle nuclear deal

--NY Times and WashPost affirm the revelations about Brazil that Pepe Escobar gave us here a week ago

--and Glenn Greenwald has a video report about the 3-pronged crisis that Bolsonara faces in Brazil

--at MintPress, Alan Macleod says Juan Guaido is re-running his failed coup attempt from last May