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PBC News & Comment: To Tara Reade’s Accusations, Biden Says “Never Happened”

In MSNBC interview, Mika Brzezinski pressed Biden on archived documents, but never raised the corroborating witnesses or other women’s complaintsBuzzfeed reporters got candid, pre-interview comments from Tara Reade

–in wrenching commentary, Caitlin Johnstone reveals that she’s been raped multiple times

–as workers walk out of Amazon, Target and other retailers on International Workers Day, Juice Media delivers potty-mouth takedown of capitalism amid Covid

–Trump says Michigan Gov. Whitmer should “make a deal” with armed mob his allies have stoked

–as another warm weekend approaches, CA Gov. Newsom takes heat for closing beaches—only in Orange County

LA Times shares sad story of young nurse who died before blowing the whistle on admission of very sick coronavirus patient

–our Covid-19 report for today, prepared by Linda Lewis  CDC report is here and CIDRAP report is here

Intercept report says Brooklyn federal jail doesn’t test inmates, and destroys their requests for medical care

–with 62,000 Covid-related deaths, Trump has mourned only a few people he knew

–Pentagon’s DARPA researchers are working on test that can detect coronavirus before they become infectious

LiveScience report says nobody knows where the virus came from, then asserts it didn’t come from Wuhan lab

–as Pelosi plans legislation to deliver $1 trillion to states, both Houses remain in recess, and senators resist McConnell’s plan to meet next week

–some of the bailout money is going to media outlets that actually seem to fit the criteria for Paycheck Protection Program

–FBI boss Chris Wray, who now wants access to encrypted apps like WhatsApp, used to argue in favor of encryption when he represented WhatsApp

–Canada imposes immediate ban on assault weapons

–Netanyahu’s prosecutor says Bibi can form a government even though he is facing corruption trial

–at The Grayzone, Gareth Porter says Israel fabricated Iranian documents that Netanyahu used to persuade Trump to scuttle nuclear deal

NY Times and WashPost affirm the revelations about Brazil that Pepe Escobar gave us here a week ago

–and Glenn Greenwald has a video report about the 3-pronged crisis that Bolsonara faces in Brazil

–at MintPress, Alan Macleod says Juan Guaido is re-running his failed coup attempt from last May