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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judge Reinstates New York’s Prez Primary

After Cuomo’s handpicked election board announced cancellation of June presidential primary, Andrew Yang sued, and federal judge has restored it…–Veteran political observer Elizabeth Drew challenges Biden’s pledge to name a woman VP

–in badly argued bit of moral relativism, feminist Linda Hirshman says, “I believe Tara Reade. I’m voting for Joe Biden anyway”

–Obama’s office slams GOP ongoing investigation of Biden and Ukraine, then agrees to release of documents

–Secretary of Education rolls out controversial new rules on campus sexual assault

LA Times DC columnist Doyle McManus echoes questions posed here yesterday, about a new cold war with China

–many hearts skipped a beat yesterday on news that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in the hospital, but it was just a gall bladder procedure

–RBG raised hell by phone in oral arguments about Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage

–Mitch McConnell’s young, inexperienced protégé’s confirmation hearing for appeals court reveals shift in bar association rating

–Trump signals he’s open to another bailout bill, but wants to add tax cuts and restore deduction for 2-martini lunch

–Today’s Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–listener Olivier de Mirleau presents arguments for and against lockdowns, and leans against

–Trump campaign uses tricked up video clips to promote highly misleading narrative of his response to Covid

–in effort to drive u the cost of his vanity border wall even more, Trump now wants to paint it black

–Michael Moore responds to critics of Planet of the Humans

–at Grayzone, Aaron Maté reveals more OPCW documents that contradicts the agency’s claims about investigation into chemical weapons release in Douma, Syria

–we get more details of “Keystone Kops Bay of Pigs” failed invasion of Venezuela, linking US mercenaries to Trump

–and backhanded compliment to Maduro from WashPost

–Facebook announces independent panel to advise on censorship