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PBC News & Comment: In Corrupt Move, Barr Tries to Dismiss Flynn Charges

As newly-released FBI documents show Flynn was tipped off before he lied to agents, AG Barr tries to withdraw charges…--blogger Marcy Wheeler adds some details about Mike Flynn’s lies for background check before Trump appointed him

--Barr also quietly dropped Mueller’s charges charges against St. Petersburg troll farm that was dramatic sideshow in St. Bob’s investigation

--Trump appeals to Supreme Court to block Mueller grand jury files sought by Dems in House Intelligence Committee

--in rare unanimous decision, SCOTUS overturns convictions of Chris Christie’s minions in “Bridgegate” coverup

--indications the GOP is planning “October Surprise” surface as Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) complains that State Dept. fast tracks GOP document requests, ignores Dems’

--Trump renews his threat to dismantle Obamacare, and Barr dissents—for political reasons

--the inexperienced conservative youngster who Mitch McConnell is trying to pack onto DC appeals court has bashed Obamacare but says he’d uphold SCOTUS ruling

--Texas lawyer Trey Trainor opposes just about all campaign regulations, advancing to confirmation on toothless Federal Elections Commission

--Rep. Ilhan Omar inflames her defenders by signing onto AIPAC letter seeking to extend arms embargo on Iran in hypocritical use of Iran nuke deal

--neocon darling and staunch supporter of Israel Daniel Pipes argues against annexation of West Bank, offers 6 reasons

--murder in broad daylight caught on video: black jogger Ahmaud Arbery case in Brunswick, Georgia draws national outrage

--former congressman and former Republican Pete McCloskey tells about the first Earth Day in recent podcast on 50th anniversary

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

in detailed report with interactive graphic, NY Times shows that most states that are reopening don’t meet White House criteria

--smartphone location data show that when Georgia re-opened, hundreds of thousands poured in from neighboring states

--in US and UK, blacks are disproportionally suffering from Covid-19

--new study shows that about 60% of US cases came via New York

--Public Citizen reminds us that taxpayers paid for development of Remdesivir, which Gilead now controls

--WashPost reporter Greg Sargent makes good points about Trump’s efforts to create illusion that we are returning to normal

--Covid madness is breaking out all over America

--PBC shares recent Facebook exchange with Biden fanatics who hammered Chris Hayes for reporting on Tara Reade case, then shift to “war on fascism” meme