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PBC News & Comment, 5.8.20: In Megyn Kelly Interview, Biden Accuser Details Her Claims

Tara Reade adds new details in TV interview as ex-husband’s court documents refers to Biden incident and Reade’s emotional state…--smalltown newspaper, The Tribune of San Luis Obispo, digs up documents related to Reade’s request for restraining order, which he says was unwarranted

--NY Times picks up the story, and actually credits The Tribune

--so far, we only have preview excerpts from the Kelly interview

--Reade now represented by NY lawyer who also represented Weinstein accusers, who donated $55,000 to Trump, and other attorney who worked for Sputnik

--Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who withheld disclosures of Christine Blasey Ford, attacks Reade

--the best unpacking of Reade’s efforts to surface her story is by Vox reporter Laura McGann

--as expected, Trump praises his lackey Bill Barr for attempting to withdraw charges against Mike Flynn, and says his FBI director is on thin ice

--Neal Katyal and other Gergetown Law professor hammer the Flynn flip by DOJ

--in fresh, in-depth interview, Alison Weir explains the newly-exposed evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Israel, slams media outlets that forced disclosure for failing to report on this explosive story

--after months of inaction, Georgia investigators arrest, charge white father and son in daylight killing of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery

--in response to armed white protesters who stormed Michigan capitol last week, black lawmaker is escorted into the building by armed black posse

--in Brooklyn, 34 of 35 people stopped for social distancing violations are black or brown

--in bizarre statement, HHS Secretary Azar says Covid infections in meat packing plants are brought from home by underpaid workers

--in Ohio, employers are told to snitch on workers who don’t want to return to work

--with half of American workers operating from home, employers are using various kinds of spyware to monitor their productivity

--China is reported to have sophisticated new hacking tools

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--tax-exempt Catholic parishes are getting bailout money

--at The Grayzone, Ben Norton reports charges that Pulitzer winning story in NY Times was lifted from Russian media outlet

-- also at Grayzone, Anya Parampil gets interview with co-founder of security firm that tried to topple Maduro in Venezuela

--after Trump vetoed bill to limit warpowers with Iran, Senate fails to override

--controversial “Plandemic” video featuring Judy Mikovits attacking Fauci is taken down by social media sites