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In-Depth Interview: With FBI Documents, Alison Weir Exposes Israeli Meddling in 2016 Election and Media Coverup

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Alison Weir, author and President of Council for the National Interest, explains how FBI documents show Roger Stone in ongoing contacts with top Israeli officials in 2016, and that media outlets which forced disclosure are ignoring it.Weir is a journalist and author of If Americans Knew, with this related website and video.  Her recent revealing article that we discuss is here.  She is President of the Council for the National Interest, and edits Israel Palestine News.  We discuss the powerful al Jazeera documentary, The Lobby, and the abridged version is here.

We open with a recap of the overt signs that Israel sought to influence the US election in 2016: Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spring visit to AIPAC and special address to Congress; Donald Trump’s “state visit” to Israel in the summer, and the contacts with Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn in December, trying to enlist their help in stopping an Obama administration vote on a UN resolution against Israel.

Then we discuss the origin of the newly-released FBI documents that show at least 9 contacts between Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone and a top official in the Netanyahu government.  They were declassified (with redactions) as the result of a lawsuit brought by the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, AP, and Politico.  To date, only Politico has even mentioned these documents.

The blackout enables the ongoing promotion of Russiagate and purported “Russian meddling” in 2016, when this new evidence shows that the foreign power that interfered was Israel.  This story is getting heavy coverage in the Israeli media, but America’s major media outlets have chosen only to cover the 2017 direct contacts between Roger Stone and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

We offer numerous quotes from Israeli media reports, which show offers by Israel to share intelligence with the Trump campaign.