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PBC News & Comment: Brace Yourselves for Obamagate!

As big media generally ignore recent document releases undermining Russiagate, “alternative” media ridicule Trump and challenges to the unraveling narrative…--Rachel Maddow speculated that Trump’s short fuse at news conference was to distract from Supreme Court hearings about releasing his tax returns

--in comical “explainer”, The Guardian asks, “what is Obamagate”

--Buzzfeed says it’s to distract us from coronavirus outbreak at White House, and uses Twitter as a gauge

--in mocking post at ConsortiumNews, Patrick Lawrence pokes the promoters who cannot accept their errors

--in latest in-depth interview, Scott Ritter changes PBC’s mind about Flynn case, and goes deep on the Russiagate meltdown

--House Dems unveil $3 trillion relief package with many worthwhile items

--at The Intercept, great argument in favor of remote voting by the House to restrain Pelosi’s one-person dealmaking and restore some accountability

--over 2 dozen Senate Dems call for CDC guidelines for November elections

--Trump, who claims mail-in ballots hurt GOP prospects, rails against “rigged” precinct voting in special election in California today

--SCOTUS holds overtime, remote oral arguments in Trump tax return cases, and it looks like they will delay a decision by punting back to lower courts

--Baltimore Sun is latest once-great paper to hit the rocks in coronavirus depression, locals are trying to buy it and go nonprofit

--bad boy billionaire Elon Musk defies local shutdown order, and restarts Telsa assembly line

--our Covid-19 daily update, assembled by Linda Lewis

--Mike Pompeo wings his way to Israel to touch elbows with Netanyahu and bless annexation of West Bank areas

--minors detained at the border must be released within 20 days; a Guatemalan boy has been held for 400 days, as others are deported under Covid fog

--after voters softened California’s 3-strikes law, right wingers return to the ballot

--Facebook is quietly engineering new dark money advocacy group to oppose regulation

--Trump and GOP Senate allies push for confirmation of right wing propagandist to run US foreign propaganda media

--former Philly mayor Wilson Goode apologizes for deadly MOVE bombing raid in 1985