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PBC News & Comment: New Fissures Emerge in Russiagate Narrative

House transcripts from closed-door sessions show FBI linked Crowdstrike boss admits they had no proof that Russia hacked DNC, fed Wikileaks…–Ray McGovern cites the testimony at ConsortiumNews,

and new video report by Aaron Maté puts them in context

–in “news analysis”, NY Times reporter Mark Mazzetti defends the crumbling Russian meddling claims The Times promoted, links to Flynn case

–former Justice Dept. official Mary McCord says Bill Barr “twisted her words” in dropping Flynn case

–1,900 more DOJ employees call fro Barr to resign

–in barrage of tweets on Mothers Day, Trump charges Obama with “biggest political crime in American history” and demands NBC fire Chuck Todd

–Scott Ritter doesn’t like Mike Flynn, but says Barr’s move to dismiss charges is correct

–Office of Special Council calls Dr. Rick Bright a whistleblower as he seeks reinstatement

–Tara Reade’s interview with Megyn Kelly shows credibility, and that allegations against Biden reflect her own truth

–at The Intercept, Elise Swain argues that the divisions over Reade’s accusations are part of a larger accountability problem

–also at The Intercept, Alice Speri recounts the grisly death of a female prisoner in NJ after she was placed in solitary confinement

–reporters at Shadowproof show widespread use of solitary for Covid-positive inmates in prisons and jails

–Daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–billionaire bad boy Elon Musk threatens to leave California in battle over restarting his Tesla plant

–thermal scanners and other fever checkers don’t really work to detect coronavirus

–in important essay, Naomi Klein says Shock Doctrine has morphed to “Screen New Deal” in this pandemic

Planet of the Humans gets support from Penn State Prof. Sophia McClennan,  listener Brian Carey, and Marxist Louis Proyect