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PBC News & Comment: New Fissures Emerge in Russiagate Narrative

House transcripts from closed-door sessions show FBI linked Crowdstrike boss admits they had no proof that Russia hacked DNC, fed Wikileaks…--Ray McGovern cites the testimony at ConsortiumNews,

and new video report by Aaron Maté puts them in context

--in “news analysis”, NY Times reporter Mark Mazzetti defends the crumbling Russian meddling claims The Times promoted, links to Flynn case

--former Justice Dept. official Mary McCord says Bill Barr “twisted her words” in dropping Flynn case

--1,900 more DOJ employees call fro Barr to resign

--in barrage of tweets on Mothers Day, Trump charges Obama with “biggest political crime in American history” and demands NBC fire Chuck Todd

--Scott Ritter doesn’t like Mike Flynn, but says Barr’s move to dismiss charges is correct

--Office of Special Council calls Dr. Rick Bright a whistleblower as he seeks reinstatement

--Tara Reade’s interview with Megyn Kelly shows credibility, and that allegations against Biden reflect her own truth

--at The Intercept, Elise Swain argues that the divisions over Reade’s accusations are part of a larger accountability problem

--also at The Intercept, Alice Speri recounts the grisly death of a female prisoner in NJ after she was placed in solitary confinement

--reporters at Shadowproof show widespread use of solitary for Covid-positive inmates in prisons and jails

--Daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--billionaire bad boy Elon Musk threatens to leave California in battle over restarting his Tesla plant

--thermal scanners and other fever checkers don’t really work to detect coronavirus

--in important essay, Naomi Klein says Shock Doctrine has morphed to “Screen New Deal” in this pandemic

--Planet of the Humans gets support from Penn State Prof. Sophia McClennan,  listener Brian Carey, and Marxist Louis Proyect