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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Acting Top Spook Unmasks Obama’s Unmaskers

BOMBSHELL! Acting DNI Ric Grenell declassifies list of Obama officials who requested “unmasking” of US persons wiretapped, including Mike Flynn…--as discussed with Scott Ritter, the “unmasking” and leaking of Mike Flynn’s phone call with Russian ambassador includes top FBI, Intel, and Obama administration people; so far, only Fox and WashPost are reporting it

--in Flynn case, Judge Sullivan invites comments on Barr’s move to dismiss the charges

--ConsortiumNews and its late editor, Robert Parry, deserve special credit for promoting skepticism of the Russiagate conspiracy story

--NY Times report airs out many Biden weaknesses, but steers clear of Obamagate

--in opinion column, Mitchell Abidor can’t figure out why young voters seem wary of sucking it up and voting for Biden, and fingers socialism

--California reports first case of patient who recovered from coronavirus infection, and is sick again

--Fresno Bee posts interactive map that shows 5 of 88 counties are hot spots, and 26 counties with almost no recent deaths or cases

--California legislature considers giving renters up to 10 years to pay deferred rents

--House Dems will vote on plan to allow remote voting

--our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis, with details on proposed HEROES act, the $3 trillion Dem relief package

--and The Intercept offers some critical analysis

--echoing health experts, Fed Chair Powell supports more bailouts to avert long term damage to economy

--under Covid fog, TrumpCo has almost completely blocked right to asylum at Mexican border

--Crown Prince Jared walks back comments suggesting that November election might be delayed

--at WhoWhatWhy, Gabriella Novello warns that mail-in voting will delay vote counts in November

--today’s SCOTUS remote oral arguments relate to the Electoral College and so-called “faithless voters”

--NY Times scolds science reporter who called VP Pence a “sycophant”

--Alternet posts fascinating interview with our favorite shrink, Dr. Justin Frank

--and British wag Nate White nails Trump in a few paragraphs