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PBC News & Comment: As Senate Renews Surveillance, Intel Chair Steps Down

Pro-surveillance Sen. Richard Burr’s smart phone grabbed by FBI for insider trading investigation as colleagues extend invasive domestic surveillance laws…–Mike Flynn’s judge, Emmet Sullivan, has appointed a retired judge and mob-buster to argue against plan to drop Flynn’s charges, and will consider perjury rap

–corporate media outlets shift into overdrive to defend their investment in the crumbling Russiagate conspiracy, tagging “Obamagate” a conspiracy theory

–we bring you denialist coverage from Salon, AP, The Guardian LA Times and WashPost

WashPost’s Alexandra Petri takes the prize for smug, snarky dismissal

–and her colleague Amber Phillips skips the snark, while staying smug

–Trump suggests that Sen. Lindsay Graham interrogate Obama, but he flips it off like a booger

–Glenn Greenwald resurfaces to slam the “sham prosecution” of Flynn and broad corruption in Russagate, while plugging new video report

–Appeals Court’s full panel in Richmond allows emoluments lawsuit against Trump to go forward

–Biden bends toward Bernie’s voters, names Rep.s Ocasio-Cortez and Jayapal to policy panels

–as official unemployment tally tops 36 million, Jayapal’s “paycheck guarantee” program draws GOP support, but is left on the table by Speaker Pelosi

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

with Trump’s beaming approval, GOP allies use many methods to undo pandemic restrictions of Dem governors in battleground state MI, PA and WI

–polluters and extractors try to use Covid cover to delay and derail regulations

–as coal-blooded EDP boss Andy Wheeler Obama plans to keep jet fuel out of drinking water