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PBC News & Comment: House Poised to Pass $3 Trillion Messaging Bill

Pelosi’s package didn’t include key progressive plans, even though it’s clear to all that it will be sliced and diced…--in HEROES Act, the deletion of one letter, a lower case “c”, expanded aid for nonprofits to include lobbyists, dark money groups and others

--the Intercept report on progressive alliances is here

--in final Senate passage of cynically-named USA Freedom Act extension, Sen. Burr voted against it, and Sen. Sanders was crucially absent

--Sen. Lindsay Graham opens investigation into the investigation of Russiagate

--Russiagate defenders in corporate media stoutly defend Obama and denigrate Trump with distraction, deflection, straw man arguments, and indignation

--Michele Goldberg at NY Times declares Obamagate “fake scandal”

--my old MediaMatters contact Paul Waldman lists 10 of Mike Flynn’s faults while missing the point entirely

--New Yorker writer Susan B. Glasser uses Trump’s obvious lunacy to dismiss the fakery of Russiagate and Mueller report

--and from Australia, Caitlin Johnstone punks them all, because they’re all Swamp creatures

--at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal rolls out deep expose of the Spanish spy-for-hire team paid by Sheldon Adelson to deliver Assange surveillance to CIA

--at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Schectman interviews West Point whistleblower Tim Bakken

--our Daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis CDC Guidance document is here

--both NY Gov Cuomo and CA Gov. Newsom deserve criticism for handling of outbreaks in nursing homes

--Newsom announces revised budget with billions in cust

--new study shows infected droplets fly far, last long

--at Education Department, Betsey DeVos shovels money to charter, private and religious schools

--Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen has 6 questions for Trump’s “Warp Speed” vaccine effort