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PBC News & Comment: House Poised to Pass $3 Trillion Messaging Bill

Pelosi’s package didn’t include key progressive plans, even though it’s clear to all that it will be sliced and diced…–in HEROES Act, the deletion of one letter, a lower case “c”, expanded aid for nonprofits to include lobbyists, dark money groups and others

–the Intercept report on progressive alliances is here

–in final Senate passage of cynically-named USA Freedom Act extension, Sen. Burr voted against it, and Sen. Sanders was crucially absent

–Sen. Lindsay Graham opens investigation into the investigation of Russiagate

–Russiagate defenders in corporate media stoutly defend Obama and denigrate Trump with distraction, deflection, straw man arguments, and indignation

–Michele Goldberg at NY Times declares Obamagate “fake scandal”

–my old MediaMatters contact Paul Waldman lists 10 of Mike Flynn’s faults while missing the point entirely

New Yorker writer Susan B. Glasser uses Trump’s obvious lunacy to dismiss the fakery of Russiagate and Mueller report

–and from Australia, Caitlin Johnstone punks them all, because they’re all Swamp creatures

–at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal rolls out deep expose of the Spanish spy-for-hire team paid by Sheldon Adelson to deliver Assange surveillance to CIA

–at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Schectman interviews West Point whistleblower Tim Bakken

–our Daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis CDC Guidance document is here

–both NY Gov Cuomo and CA Gov. Newsom deserve criticism for handling of outbreaks in nursing homes

–Newsom announces revised budget with billions in cust

–new study shows infected droplets fly far, last long

–at Education Department, Betsey DeVos shovels money to charter, private and religious schools

–Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen has 6 questions for Trump’s “Warp Speed” vaccine effort