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PBC News & Comment: Our #1 Snake Oil Salesman Is Using the Product

Successful dealers of dangerous drugs don’t use the products they sell; after pimping hydroxychloroquine for months, Trump says he’s taking it…--the drug is unproven for Covid-19, and has serious side effects; even Fox “News” anchor Neil Cavuto warns “this will kill you”

--profiteering alert: TrumpCo trumpets new contract to manufacture Covid-19 drugs in the US

--in Senate hearing, Trump toady Steve Mnuchin pitches fast restart, while the more realistic Fed Chairman Jerome Powell urges more bailout money, especially for states

--our Covid-19 Daily update, edited by Linda Lewis

--in fresh interview at WhoWhatWhy, election integrity reporter Gabriella Novello talks about mail-in voting and related issues

--in Israel, a rare conviction of Israeli settler accused of firebombing Palestinian family 5 years ago

--must-read: Max Blumenthal’s well-documented expose of American spying on Julian Assange at London embassy is revealing and fascinating

--also at Grayzone, Gareth Porter exposes fake claims of Iran-al Qaeda links that were reported after US assassination of Gen. Suleimani in January

--at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou and another CIA whistleblower argue that Intel IG Michael Atkinson deserved to be fired

--Trump’s highly partisan nominee to be director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, wins committee vote

--video shows that black mother and son were beaten by cops when the son tried to return a big screen TV at Sam’s Club

--new evidence that Ahmaud Arbery, the black jogger killed in Georgia in February, was tased by cops in 2017

--Stacey Abrams, who lost 2018 race for Georgia governor, is running for VP