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PBC News & Comment: Despite Apple’s Claims, iPhones Aren’t Secure

Atlanta-based Grayshift makes spyware that can capture numeric passwords, and Apple whistleblower says Siri hears just about everything in range….--NBC News exposed the Grayshift spyware, and The Guardian reports the Siri eavesdropping

--Ben Smith, Buzzfeed editor turned NY Times media critic, launched an examination of Ronan Farrow’s sex exposes, with valid critique that should be applied to The Times’ Russiagate coverage

--Glenn Greenwald pounded out a quick rejoinder, mainly aimed at Marcy Wheeler

--Greenwald mentions WashPost media writer Erik Wemple for criticism of Russiagate failings by other outlets, and Wemple joins the scrum

--and today, Matt Lauer broke his silence to attack Farrow for what he says was false rape allegation

--did Trump lie about taking hydroxychlorquine? WashPost’s Aaron Blake comments

--Pompeo’s claim that he didn’t know State Dept. IG was investigating him isn’t very credible

--at major online fundraiser, Joe Biden makes conflicting statements about criticism of Israel, supports Jerusalem embassy, pledges “unshakeable” commitment

--the Ukraine story of Hunter Biden and his nepotistic dad is back, as Senate committee votes approval of subpoena

--Ukraine’s comic-turned-president Zelensky pens NY Times op-ed

--Pelosi approves House remote work period with proxy voting for 45 days

--Trump rails on about mail-in voting, threatening Michigan and Nevada

--and the victim-in-chief blames Dems for blocking his mob rallies

--our Daily Covid-19 update, researched by Linda Lewis

--in op-ed, Gov. Cuomo is squarely blamed for NY catastrophe

--as Trump blames China and WHO for political cover, investigating the origin of the coronavirus is complicated further

--The Guardian exposes death and desperation in California prisons, ignored by most media in the Golden State

--undocumented people scramble for crumbs in underfunded relief effort

--the immigration agency that handles asylum and legal immigration processing is running out of money, looks like it’s intentional

--in Michigan, flooding caused by breached dams threatens Dow’s major toxic superfund site

--in North Dakota, oil pipeline that’s not too far from Standing Rock is spewing, and went undetected until this week

--Johnson & Johnson will stop selling talc-based baby powder

--in deathbed confession, the “Roe” in Roe vs. Wade says her reversal on abortion rights was funded by anti abortion groups