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PBC News & Comment: Despite Apple’s Claims, iPhones Aren’t Secure

Atlanta-based Grayshift makes spyware that can capture numeric passwords, and Apple whistleblower says Siri hears just about everything in range….NBC News exposed the Grayshift spyware, and The Guardian reports the Siri eavesdropping

–Ben Smith, Buzzfeed editor turned NY Times media critic, launched an examination of Ronan Farrow’s sex exposes, with valid critique that should be applied to The Times’ Russiagate coverage

–Glenn Greenwald pounded out a quick rejoinder, mainly aimed at Marcy Wheeler

–Greenwald mentions WashPost media writer Erik Wemple for criticism of Russiagate failings by other outlets, and Wemple joins the scrum

–and today, Matt Lauer broke his silence to attack Farrow for what he says was false rape allegation

–did Trump lie about taking hydroxychlorquine? WashPost’s Aaron Blake comments

–Pompeo’s claim that he didn’t know State Dept. IG was investigating him isn’t very credible

–at major online fundraiser, Joe Biden makes conflicting statements about criticism of Israel, supports Jerusalem embassy, pledges “unshakeable” commitment

–the Ukraine story of Hunter Biden and his nepotistic dad is back, as Senate committee votes approval of subpoena

–Ukraine’s comic-turned-president Zelensky pens NY Times op-ed

–Pelosi approves House remote work period with proxy voting for 45 days

–Trump rails on about mail-in voting, threatening Michigan and Nevada

–and the victim-in-chief blames Dems for blocking his mob rallies

–our Daily Covid-19 update, researched by Linda Lewis

–in op-ed, Gov. Cuomo is squarely blamed for NY catastrophe

–as Trump blames China and WHO for political cover, investigating the origin of the coronavirus is complicated further

–The Guardian exposes death and desperation in California prisons, ignored by most media in the Golden State

–undocumented people scramble for crumbs in underfunded relief effort

–the immigration agency that handles asylum and legal immigration processing is running out of money, looks like it’s intentional

–in Michigan, flooding caused by breached dams threatens Dow’s major toxic superfund site

–in North Dakota, oil pipeline that’s not too far from Standing Rock is spewing, and went undetected until this week

–Johnson & Johnson will stop selling talc-based baby powder

–in deathbed confession, the “Roe” in Roe vs. Wade says her reversal on abortion rights was funded by anti abortion groups