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PBC News & Comment: In Obviously Edited Audio, Biden Squeezes Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

Ukrainian ex-lawmaker, ally of Rudy Giuliani, releases audio of phone call where Biden squeezes former President Poroshenko to fire prosecutor…Murdoch-owned NY Post releases it in US, Britain’s Guardian also covers it

–US Supreme Court blocks release of Mueller grand jury transcripts

–Sanders campaign pressures Bernie convention delegates to sign agreement restricting certain types of comments, like criticizing Biden

–in NY Times op-ed, David Daley reveals the new GOP gerrymandering tactics: block nonpartisan redistricting, and shift to counting only voting-age population

–airlines and the OxyContin profiteering Sackler family got bailouts intended for small business

–in new, in-depth interview, Adam Eichen and Andrew Perez explain the pro-lobbyist provisions of Democrats’ HEROES Act

–after warning from Michigan authorities to wear a mask, Trump tours Ypsilanti Ford plant, without a mask

–with or without mask, Baltimore mayor asks Trump to stay away on Memorial Day

–our daily Covid-19 update, researched by Linda Lewis

–risking new round of protests, Beijing moves to tighten Hong Kong security laws

–in response to Israel’s planned annexation of West Bank settlements, Palestinian leader Abbas nullifies agreements with US and Israel

–Trump signals plan to withdraw from “Open Skies” treaty, citing Russian violations

NY Times reports that it’s hard to brief Trump

–Senate confirms hardline Trump loyalist to DNI, and another loyalist to run US propaganda operations

ConsortiumNews reports on British minister who signed Assange extradition papers, and his frequent attendance at US intel meetings

–Steven Donziger, environmental attorney who once prevailed in Chevron case in Ecuador, is serving longer pre-trial detention than max penalty he faces

–in Oregon primary, GOP Senate winner is a fan of QAnon

–NFL player files lawsuit against United after female passenger harassed and groped him