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PBC News & Comment: In Obviously Edited Audio, Biden Squeezes Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

Ukrainian ex-lawmaker, ally of Rudy Giuliani, releases audio of phone call where Biden squeezes former President Poroshenko to fire prosecutor…--Murdoch-owned NY Post releases it in US, Britain’s Guardian also covers it

--US Supreme Court blocks release of Mueller grand jury transcripts

--Sanders campaign pressures Bernie convention delegates to sign agreement restricting certain types of comments, like criticizing Biden

--in NY Times op-ed, David Daley reveals the new GOP gerrymandering tactics: block nonpartisan redistricting, and shift to counting only voting-age population

--airlines and the OxyContin profiteering Sackler family got bailouts intended for small business

--in new, in-depth interview, Adam Eichen and Andrew Perez explain the pro-lobbyist provisions of Democrats’ HEROES Act

--after warning from Michigan authorities to wear a mask, Trump tours Ypsilanti Ford plant, without a mask

--with or without mask, Baltimore mayor asks Trump to stay away on Memorial Day

--our daily Covid-19 update, researched by Linda Lewis

--risking new round of protests, Beijing moves to tighten Hong Kong security laws

--in response to Israel’s planned annexation of West Bank settlements, Palestinian leader Abbas nullifies agreements with US and Israel

--Trump signals plan to withdraw from “Open Skies” treaty, citing Russian violations

--NY Times reports that it’s hard to brief Trump

--Senate confirms hardline Trump loyalist to DNI, and another loyalist to run US propaganda operations

--ConsortiumNews reports on British minister who signed Assange extradition papers, and his frequent attendance at US intel meetings

--Steven Donziger, environmental attorney who once prevailed in Chevron case in Ecuador, is serving longer pre-trial detention than max penalty he faces

--in Oregon primary, GOP Senate winner is a fan of QAnon

--NFL player files lawsuit against United after female passenger harassed and groped him