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PBC News & Comment: Why Don’t Evangelicals See Trump’s Gross Hypocrisy?

Trump’s last-minute holiday weekend decree to re-open churches is just his latest pander to religious voters, who overlook extreme hypocrisy…--California Gov. Newsom responds by issuing guidelines for counties to permit church gatherings

--Trump continues to rage over mail-in voting, apparently because it will limit GOP voter suppression efforts

--in deadly Republican loyalty test, Trump threatens to pull GOP convention from Charlotte if big crowds are still banned in August

--in news report and opinion column, NY Times seems to be cracking the door open on different narratives for Flynn and Russiagate

--Charlie Savage’s news report is here, Bret Stephens’ column is here

--in an impressive piece of investigative reporting, Ben Norton at the Grayzone reveals how serial source-burner Matthew Cole of the Intercept teamed up with Richard Esposito—now the PR guy for NYPD—to expose Reality Winner

--our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis

--tipped by listener John Zweibel, PBC highly recommends Jimmy Dore’s interview by Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper at Rolling Stone