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PBC News & Comment: Why Don’t Evangelicals See Trump’s Gross Hypocrisy?

Trump’s last-minute holiday weekend decree to re-open churches is just his latest pander to religious voters, who overlook extreme hypocrisy…–California Gov. Newsom responds by issuing guidelines for counties to permit church gatherings

–Trump continues to rage over mail-in voting, apparently because it will limit GOP voter suppression efforts

–in deadly Republican loyalty test, Trump threatens to pull GOP convention from Charlotte if big crowds are still banned in August

–in news report and opinion column, NY Times seems to be cracking the door open on different narratives for Flynn and Russiagate

–Charlie Savage’s news report is here, Bret Stephens’ column is here

–in an impressive piece of investigative reporting, Ben Norton at the Grayzone reveals how serial source-burner Matthew Cole of the Intercept teamed up with Richard Esposito—now the PR guy for NYPD—to expose Reality Winner

–our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis

–tipped by listener John Zweibel, PBC highly recommends Jimmy Dore’s interview by Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper at Rolling Stone