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PBC News & Comment: Will Our Dear Tweeter Shoot Himself in the Phone?

As Facebook names ex-Israeli censor to oversight board, Twitter adds tags to false Trump tweets, and he threatens both platforms...--Facebook appoints former Israeli Justice Ministry to its censorship board; Emi Palmor directed anti-BDS campaign in US and got FB to censor Palestinian posts

--in tepid move, Twitter added links to contradictions of Trump’s claims about mail balloting, but made no move regarding false murder claims against Scarborough

--Trump’s tweeting mobs are attacking “the wrong guy” at Twitter

--Trump media allies slam his attacks on Scarborough

--Trump attacks California’s vote-by-mail plans, pointless in so many ways

--Trump’s rants about absentee ballots are fortified by dark money group, the “Honest Elections Project”

--federal judge blocks Florida law aimed at preventing ex-felons from voting after voters restored their rights

--in ugly replay of Eric Garner’s death by cop, Minneapolis black man George Floyd was asphyxiated by Ofc. Derek Chauvin, who has killed before, MintPress reports

--France is no longer allowing use of hydroxychloroquine

--our daily Covid-19 updated, prepared by Linda Lewis

--David Sirota, in The Guardian, busts Gov. Andrew Cuomo for trading campaign donations for broad liability protection for hospitals and nursing homes

--Sirota also has an opinion article at The Guardian, detailing points made in our recent interview with Andrew Perez and Adam Eichen about recent sellouts by Dems

--Trump tells GOP House members to oppose FISA extension law, so if it passes, blame Pelosi

--Netflix is streaming 4-part series on Jeffrey Epstein

--Amazon’s PR team got 11 local TV stations to deliver its worker safety propaganda, verbatim

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola details denial of Reality Winner’s Covid release petition

--a week ago, we reported doctored Biden phone call with ex-Ukraine president, it seems to be buried

--not news, just affirmation: Trump’s 2017 tax cuts beefed up wealth for the 1% and raised the deficit