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PBC News & Comment: Will Our Dear Tweeter Shoot Himself in the Phone?

As Facebook names ex-Israeli censor to oversight board, Twitter adds tags to false Trump tweets, and he threatens both platforms…–Facebook appoints former Israeli Justice Ministry to its censorship board; Emi Palmor directed anti-BDS campaign in US and got FB to censor Palestinian posts

–in tepid move, Twitter added links to contradictions of Trump’s claims about mail balloting, but made no move regarding false murder claims against Scarborough

–Trump’s tweeting mobs are attacking “the wrong guy” at Twitter

–Trump media allies slam his attacks on Scarborough

–Trump attacks California’s vote-by-mail plans, pointless in so many ways

–Trump’s rants about absentee ballots are fortified by dark money group, the “Honest Elections Project”

–federal judge blocks Florida law aimed at preventing ex-felons from voting after voters restored their rights

–in ugly replay of Eric Garner’s death by cop, Minneapolis black man George Floyd was asphyxiated by Ofc. Derek Chauvin, who has killed before, MintPress reports

–France is no longer allowing use of hydroxychloroquine

–our daily Covid-19 updated, prepared by Linda Lewis

–David Sirota, in The Guardian, busts Gov. Andrew Cuomo for trading campaign donations for broad liability protection for hospitals and nursing homes

–Sirota also has an opinion article at The Guardian, detailing points made in our recent interview with Andrew Perez and Adam Eichen about recent sellouts by Dems

–Trump tells GOP House members to oppose FISA extension law, so if it passes, blame Pelosi

–Netflix is streaming 4-part series on Jeffrey Epstein

–Amazon’s PR team got 11 local TV stations to deliver its worker safety propaganda, verbatim

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola details denial of Reality Winner’s Covid release petition

–a week ago, we reported doctored Biden phone call with ex-Ukraine president, it seems to be buried

–not news, just affirmation: Trump’s 2017 tax cuts beefed up wealth for the 1% and raised the deficit