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PBC News & Comment: Defiant Trump Tweets Will Fuel More Violence

Escalating his Twitter battle and racist attacks, Trump stokes more conflict with dictator’s tactics, putting out fire with gasoline…–after signing toothless executive order to re-regulate social media, Trump challenges Twitter with threatening message, gets new kind of slap on the wrist

–in typical fashion, he injects himself in tense Minneapolis scene, “sowing discord” in the manner we are told to blame on Russia

–Trump targets Mayor Jacob Frey, who is trying to calm angry mobs as Covid cases increase

–Twitter needs to suspend his account

Washington Post runs bizarre op-ed by far right columnist accusing Twitter of double standard

–the cop who killed George Floyd with his knee to the neck is arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder

NY Times uses clinical, police manual language to describe the deadly act of violence

–as curfew is declared, rumors abound that Minneapolis officer Jacob Pederson was mystery “umbrella man” accused of arson by protesters

–a black CNN reporter and his crew were arrested during live report

–Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s weak response to Floyd’s killing, and her history, harm her VP prospects

–focus on police brutality against people of color intensifies, as NY cops who used knee on neck in minor incident on May 2 face charges

–NYC will start to ease Covid restrictions on June 8

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–Trump, our wannabe authoritarian, denounces China for Hong Kong crackdown, and says US will bail from WHO

–after Saudi arms sale triggered Pompeo investigation, TrumpCo considers another round

NY Times reports Russia’s GRU is hacking email servers, and continues to present 2016 hacking as fact