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PBC News & Comment: Summer of Rage Unfolds with More Police Brutality

In many cities, police brutalize peaceful protesters and reporters, while too often allowing looters to roam freely; revolution is televised….--as Chicago Mayor Daley said in 1968, “the police are here to preserve disorder”

--in city after city, cops escalate on rowdy—but not violent—protesters

--hordes of looters conduct shopping sprees live on TV, oblivious to likely consequences

--police are seen destroying property in many cases

--the combination strengthens Trump’s authoritarian, law’n’order appeal

--many officials blame “outside agitators” which seems likely, but so far evidence is lacking

--Trump continues to act as an agitator, telling governors in Monday conference call “you have to dominate”

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria details conflicting laws about Trump’s authority to send US troops into cities

--in TV coverage, little mention that George Floyd and his killer both worked at same Latin nightclub as bouncers

--former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice blames Russia, and media chorus goes "amen”

--breaking character, Rush Limbaugh airs his exchange with Charlemagne that god and his Breakfast Club crew

--statements from Obama, NFL don’t amount to much

--our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis, led by Friday night’s remarkable Supreme Court ruling on restrictions on religious gatherings

--Facebook employees—including some managers—stage virtual walkout over Zuckerberg’s refusal to remove Trump’s offensive “looting/shooting” post

--Apple and Google’s new iOS updates include Bluetooth tracking

--and NY Times alerts smartphone users to tracking software