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PBC News & Comment: Summer of Rage Unfolds with More Police Brutality

In many cities, police brutalize peaceful protesters and reporters, while too often allowing looters to roam freely; revolution is televised….–as Chicago Mayor Daley said in 1968, “the police are here to preserve disorder”

–in city after city, cops escalate on rowdy—but not violent—protesters

–hordes of looters conduct shopping sprees live on TV, oblivious to likely consequences

–police are seen destroying property in many cases

–the combination strengthens Trump’s authoritarian, law’n’order appeal

–many officials blame “outside agitators” which seems likely, but so far evidence is lacking

–Trump continues to act as an agitator, telling governors in Monday conference call “you have to dominate”

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria details conflicting laws about Trump’s authority to send US troops into cities

–in TV coverage, little mention that George Floyd and his killer both worked at same Latin nightclub as bouncers

–former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice blames Russia, and media chorus goes “amen”

–breaking character, Rush Limbaugh airs his exchange with Charlemagne that god and his Breakfast Club crew

–statements from Obama, NFL don’t amount to much

–our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis, led by Friday night’s remarkable Supreme Court ruling on restrictions on religious gatherings

–Facebook employees—including some managers—stage virtual walkout over Zuckerberg’s refusal to remove Trump’s offensive “looting/shooting” post

–Apple and Google’s new iOS updates include Bluetooth tracking

–and NY Times alerts smartphone users to tracking software