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PBC News & Comment: Don’t Lecture Protesters About “Defund the Police”

Attempting to control protesters’ use of the slogan is condescending and counterproductive—it’s better to embrace the call for deep change…--David Sirota says “Disband the Tone Police

--Trump will find any excuse to promote cops and demonize Dems, like today’s Twitter threats to Seattle

--Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders want to increase police funding

--the Camden model demonstrates drastic change to policing—that reduced crime sharply Camden

--AOC and others propose ban on tear gas

--Black leaders in Congress, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) are the faces of federal police reform

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola delivers a reality check on expectations

--federal arrest records show no major evidence of Antifa, but that doesn’t change the views of Trump or Barr

--the brutality of police use of “less-lethal” weapons is detailed by The Intercept in Austin, and in LA by LA Times

--Charlie Pierce, Lee Potter and Choctaw Wildfire release powerful new song and video, Trouble.  watch it here

--in snarky commentary at Esquire, Jack Holmes bites hard on “bad apple” excuses

--in police killings, officers are rarely charged, with few convictions

--SF cops union trades Twitter salvos with Muni transit, after transit officials said they won’t deliver cops to protests in the future

--also in California, public utilities commission orders Uber and Lyft to comply with AB 5, and treat drivers as employees

--in surprise move, Amazon announces 1-year freeze on police use of facial recognition technology, called Rekognition; Microsoft, IBM follow suit

--in 2 articles today, WashPost treats Russiagate as proven fact, as Senate Judiciary approves subpoenas of people involved in 2016 investigation

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--WashPost profiles group of people who have been sick with virus for over 60 days

--the Dow slid 7% today, amid Covid concerns and 1.5 million new unemployed

--Gen. Milley apologizes for participating in Trump’s Bible stroll last week

--in Missouri, newspaper owners resign after offensive cartoon was published by their dad without their knowledge

--A & E has cancelled Live PD after newspaper exposes cop killing they captured on video, and destroyed

--U of Chicago top economist under fire for tweets, and lack of diversity in the field

--NASCAR is banning confederate flag from all events, but rednecks can still attend

--ugly history is being removed by mobs and activists in US and abroad, as statues of villains are torn down