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PBC News & Comment: Don’t Lecture Protesters About “Defund the Police”

Attempting to control protesters’ use of the slogan is condescending and counterproductive—it’s better to embrace the call for deep change…–David Sirota says “Disband the Tone Police

–Trump will find any excuse to promote cops and demonize Dems, like today’s Twitter threats to Seattle

–Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders want to increase police funding

–the Camden model demonstrates drastic change to policing—that reduced crime sharply Camden

–AOC and others propose ban on tear gas

–Black leaders in Congress, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) are the faces of federal police reform

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola delivers a reality check on expectations

–federal arrest records show no major evidence of Antifa, but that doesn’t change the views of Trump or Barr

–the brutality of police use of “less-lethal” weapons is detailed by The Intercept in Austin, and in LA by LA Times

–Charlie Pierce, Lee Potter and Choctaw Wildfire release powerful new song and video, Trouble.  watch it here

–in snarky commentary at Esquire, Jack Holmes bites hard on “bad apple” excuses

–in police killings, officers are rarely charged, with few convictions

–SF cops union trades Twitter salvos with Muni transit, after transit officials said they won’t deliver cops to protests in the future

–also in California, public utilities commission orders Uber and Lyft to comply with AB 5, and treat drivers as employees

–in surprise move, Amazon announces 1-year freeze on police use of facial recognition technology, called Rekognition; Microsoft, IBM follow suit

–in 2 articles today, WashPost treats Russiagate as proven fact, as Senate Judiciary approves subpoenas of people involved in 2016 investigation

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

WashPost profiles group of people who have been sick with virus for over 60 days

–the Dow slid 7% today, amid Covid concerns and 1.5 million new unemployed

–Gen. Milley apologizes for participating in Trump’s Bible stroll last week

–in Missouri, newspaper owners resign after offensive cartoon was published by their dad without their knowledge

A & E has cancelled Live PD after newspaper exposes cop killing they captured on video, and destroyed

–U of Chicago top economist under fire for tweets, and lack of diversity in the field

–NASCAR is banning confederate flag from all events, but rednecks can still attend

–ugly history is being removed by mobs and activists in US and abroad, as statues of villains are torn down