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PBC News & Comment: George Floyd Protests Produce Quick, Tangible Change

In less than 3 weeks, significant actions and meaningful reforms are underway, unlike “thoughts and prayers” responses to repeated mass shootings…–San Francisco Mayor Breed plans to shift noncriminal calls to social workers and divert funding from police budget

–new poll shows that that the protests have shifted public opinion in major ways

–neighborhood watch groups sprung into action in Minneapolis—a model for change, or risk of vigilantism?

–defying Trump, House Dems demand removal of Confederate heroes from military base names

–Seattle’s CHAZ occupation continues, despite Trump’s threats

–Norman Solomon notes that the protests are about race and class, but the media only focuses on race

–African American Fox News host Harris Faulkner presses Trump on “looting/shooting” quote

–as NFL admits that Colin Kaepernick’s “taking a knee” protest was OK, they ignore Kap

–while Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are holding back on facial recognition, many police departments already have Israeli-designed software, BriefCam

–your humble host rarely agrees with NY Times pundit Bret Stephens, but he’s right that his paper should’ve published Tom Cotton’s op-ed, “Send in the Troops”

–Canada confronts racist policing, as videos of brutal arrest of tribal leader become public

–in Australia, long-running discrimination against aborigines spark protests

–cowardly John Bolton is courageously publishing his book, where he slams Dems for “impeachment malpractice” that he willingly undermined

–another new Trump gossip book says Melania renegotiated he pre-nup before moving to White House

–in oral arguments before Appeals Court panel, it appears that Judge Sullivan will get the final word on Mike Flynn case

–humiliated federal prosecutors in NYC drop case against Iranian banker after admitting to repeated misconduct

–Georgia’s primary election blunders—for mail-in and precinct voters—predicts messy November election, as David Daley details

–as Biden campaign leads attack on Facebook, its sales pitch for competitor to Slack promotes suppression of union discussions

–in arrogant statement of American exceptionalism, US places sanctions on individuals working at International Criminal Court

evidence surfaces that last November’s US-backed coup in Bolivia was engineered in Brazil

–Arab diplomat adds more complications to Netanyahu’s annexation plans

–after The Grayzone was slimed in Wikipedia by Venezuelan regime change supporters, The Grayzone exposes Wikipedia