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PBC News & Comment: George Floyd Protests Produce Quick, Tangible Change

In less than 3 weeks, significant actions and meaningful reforms are underway, unlike “thoughts and prayers” responses to repeated mass shootings…--San Francisco Mayor Breed plans to shift noncriminal calls to social workers and divert funding from police budget

--new poll shows that that the protests have shifted public opinion in major ways

--neighborhood watch groups sprung into action in Minneapolis—a model for change, or risk of vigilantism?

--defying Trump, House Dems demand removal of Confederate heroes from military base names

--Seattle’s CHAZ occupation continues, despite Trump’s threats

--Norman Solomon notes that the protests are about race and class, but the media only focuses on race

--African American Fox News host Harris Faulkner presses Trump on “looting/shooting” quote

--as NFL admits that Colin Kaepernick’s “taking a knee” protest was OK, they ignore Kap

--while Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are holding back on facial recognition, many police departments already have Israeli-designed software, BriefCam

--your humble host rarely agrees with NY Times pundit Bret Stephens, but he’s right that his paper should’ve published Tom Cotton’s op-ed, “Send in the Troops”

--Canada confronts racist policing, as videos of brutal arrest of tribal leader become public

--in Australia, long-running discrimination against aborigines spark protests

--cowardly John Bolton is courageously publishing his book, where he slams Dems for “impeachment malpractice” that he willingly undermined

--another new Trump gossip book says Melania renegotiated he pre-nup before moving to White House

--in oral arguments before Appeals Court panel, it appears that Judge Sullivan will get the final word on Mike Flynn case

--humiliated federal prosecutors in NYC drop case against Iranian banker after admitting to repeated misconduct

--Georgia’s primary election blunders—for mail-in and precinct voters—predicts messy November election, as David Daley details

--as Biden campaign leads attack on Facebook, its sales pitch for competitor to Slack promotes suppression of union discussions

--in arrogant statement of American exceptionalism, US places sanctions on individuals working at International Criminal Court

--evidence surfaces that last November's US-backed coup in Bolivia was engineered in Brazil

--Arab diplomat adds more complications to Netanyahu's annexation plans

--after The Grayzone was slimed in Wikipedia by Venezuelan regime change supporters, The Grayzone exposes Wikipedia