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PBC News & Comment, 6.15.20: Supreme Court Upholds Gay & Trans Workplace Rights

As Trump rolls back administrative protections for trans people, SCOTUS upholds LGBQ and Trans rights under 1964 Civil Rights Act…--Trump’s first appointee, Neil Gorsuch, wrote the opinion, and Roberts joined him

--Court declined to hear California’s Sanctuary City law, so it stands

--Court refused to rule on 8 cases involving “qualified immunity” for cops and others

--unrest returns to Atlanta after police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, who fought cops in DUI arrest and was shot in the back while running away

--timeline and videos are here

--3 big California police unions change course, say they will “root out” racist cops and go along with key reform measures

--in LA County’s Palmdale, young black man was found dead hanging from a tree, and family rejects suicide determination

--former SNL actor Jay Pharoah reports that LAPD officers pulled their guns, kneeled on his neck before releasing him

--new video evidence surfaces in death of trans woman at Rikers Island last year

--attempts to mow down protesters with vehicles reported 19 times in last few weeks

--a “Karen” episode in San Francisco leads to apology and misplaced shaming

--HBO’s John Oliver airs great segment on facial recognition software

--recent study on the remarkable disintegration of WTC Building 7 on 9.11.01 leads to new film, and excerpts are airing on local PBS stations

--Facebook blocks and bans user who posted 1890’s photo of aboriginal slaves in Australia

--Caitlin Johnstone details the new wave of narrative control in social media

--as Trump loyalist takes over America’s official propaganda machinery, top editors resign

--our daily Covid-19 update; new CDC guidelines are here and here

--Trump administration is playing games with oversight of bailout programs

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern observes the 4th birthday of Guccifer 2.0