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PBC News & Comment: Police Reform Must Include End To FBI Sting Operations Targeting Muslims

Hundreds of Muslim Americans are imprisoned for long terms from misguided FBI frame-ups that involve paid informants and concocted crimes…–read Nobihah Maqbool’s article here

–San Francisco school board pulls cops off school campuses

–Oakland approves shifts and cuts, reducing police budget by $14 million

The Guardian reviews police reforms in Camden and Newark, NJ, results are mixed

–in killing of Ahmaud Arbery, father son, and friend who shot video are all indicted

–NY cop who used chokehold in Rockaway 5 days ago is arrested and charged

–in separate incident on the same day, man with bipolar disorder dies after being tased multiple times

–in Michigan juvenile lockup, teen who threw a sandwich dies after being asphyxiated during restraints by staff

–3 Tucson cops resign after video shows they restrained Latino man who died of cardiac arrest; police chief also offers to resign

–with little fanfare, The Dixie Chicks drop “Dixie” from their name

–in fresh, in-depth interview, international human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik talks about “right to protect” rationalization for war

–US government expands the scope of some charges against Julian Assange, read Kevin Gosztola’s report here

–in 7-2 decision, SCOTUS denies habeas corpus appeal by Sri Lankan refugee

–federal court judge blocks deportation of Honduran boy who argues asylum is being denied due to Covid

–our daily Covid-19 report, compiled by Linda Lewis

–new report shows that Hannity viewers on Fox ‘News” were slow to respond to Covid threat

–heat wave in Siberia sets new records

–in Louisiana, anti-plastics activists are overcharged for “terrorizing” exec of plastic polluter

–in Britain, Labour Party leader is sacked after false charge of anti-Semitism

–in saber-rattling move, US destroyer patrols near Venezuela

–Pentagon boss Mark Esper treads fine line after rejecting Trump’s call to put troops on the streets

–at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar offers colorful context and commentary on China-India border dispute