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PBC News & Comment: Barr’s ‘Justice’ Dept. Draws Scrutiny From Congress

Barr’s intervention Roger Stone sentencing is aired at House Judiciary, as Appeals Court jumps in to force court to dismiss Flynn charges…–Trump’s court packing pays off, as new appointee to DC Circuit projects its novel assertions on trial court

–Barr’s pressure on underlings to go easy on Stone is exposed by Aaron Zelinsky

–3 years of illegal detention followed 15-year-sentence for refusing to testify against Jose Padilla, and Adham Hassoun hopes freedom is nigh

–Senate Dems block vote on GOP policing bill, and Radley Balko explains how weak both parties’ proposals are

–at The Intercept, black journalist George Chidi has interesting comments on armed protests in Atlanta

–Lee Fang reports that the FBI has signed contracts to expand access to location data and social media posts from private companies

–Rhode Island is dropping “Providence Plantation” from its official name

–with scant evidence and loads of innuendo, rightwing media site says that antifa and Muslim groups plan to police Minneapolis under Sharia law

–NY primary partial results show easy win for AOC, and upsets for progressive challengers

–in North Carolina, 24-year old Madison Cawthorn wins GOP primary, beating candidate hand-picked by Trump and Mark Meadows

–Cawthorn will face former Gitmo prosecutor Morris Davis, who was a guest on this podcast in 2013

–new NY Times poll shows Trump has fallen 14 points behind Biden

–Margaret Kimberley warns that Biden is repeating some Clinton mistakes

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–Sen. Sanders and House allies push for Pentagon cuts

–Kosovo’s president bails on White House summit after being indicted for war crimes

–Bayer, owner of Monsanto’s Roundup, agrees to $10 billion settlement, without admitting guilt over cancer cases

The Daily Show re-wrote a CIA recruitment ad