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PBC News & Comment: Barr’s ‘Justice’ Dept. Draws Scrutiny From Congress

Barr’s intervention Roger Stone sentencing is aired at House Judiciary, as Appeals Court jumps in to force court to dismiss Flynn charges…--Trump’s court packing pays off, as new appointee to DC Circuit projects its novel assertions on trial court

--Barr’s pressure on underlings to go easy on Stone is exposed by Aaron Zelinsky

--3 years of illegal detention followed 15-year-sentence for refusing to testify against Jose Padilla, and Adham Hassoun hopes freedom is nigh

--Senate Dems block vote on GOP policing bill, and Radley Balko explains how weak both parties’ proposals are

--at The Intercept, black journalist George Chidi has interesting comments on armed protests in Atlanta

--Lee Fang reports that the FBI has signed contracts to expand access to location data and social media posts from private companies

--Rhode Island is dropping “Providence Plantation” from its official name

--with scant evidence and loads of innuendo, rightwing media site says that antifa and Muslim groups plan to police Minneapolis under Sharia law

--NY primary partial results show easy win for AOC, and upsets for progressive challengers

--in North Carolina, 24-year old Madison Cawthorn wins GOP primary, beating candidate hand-picked by Trump and Mark Meadows

--Cawthorn will face former Gitmo prosecutor Morris Davis, who was a guest on this podcast in 2013

--new NY Times poll shows Trump has fallen 14 points behind Biden

--Margaret Kimberley warns that Biden is repeating some Clinton mistakes

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Sen. Sanders and House allies push for Pentagon cuts

--Kosovo’s president bails on White House summit after being indicted for war crimes

--Bayer, owner of Monsanto’s Roundup, agrees to $10 billion settlement, without admitting guilt over cancer cases

--The Daily Show re-wrote a CIA recruitment ad