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PBC News & Comment: Roberts Court Upholds Right to Abortion Access

Striking down pretextual Louisiana law that required admitting privileges for doctors, as pro-life justices restore death penalty hours later–overriding law that created CFPB, SCOTUS rules that president can fire its director at will

–late Friday, Court ruled that Texas can limit mail-in voting, as Trump continues to tweet and bleat about it

–9th Circuit appeals court rules Trump illegally diverted funds to build The Wall

The Grayzone reports that Trump diverted impounded Venezuelan funds to build The Wall

–based on anonymous leaks, NY Times reports that Russia is offering cash bounties to Taliban fighters who kill Americans

–Biden and lawmakers of both parties demand details, slam Trump

–Scott Ritter picks apart the reporting, and suspects it was leaked by military to prevent full US withdrawal from Afghanistan

reacting to US sanctions against Quds force and political leaders, Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump and 35 others in Suleimani assassination

–from the CHOP in Seattle, our correspondent Jonah Lehto files report on Sunday shooting that killed one protester, wounded another CHOP Report.6.29

–police in Aurora, CO used batons and pepper spray to bust up peaceful protesters, as NYPD broke up Pride march, excessive force is alleged

–Minneapolis Council votes 12-0 to advance plan to dismantle police department

–Chris Hedges reports on release of innocent man he taught in prison

–our daily Covid-19 update Detailed referrals for renters and mortgage payers are here

–California closes bars in 7 counties, moves to lockdown Imperial County

–Houston hospitals are reaching capacity, says MSM, but conservative media outlets says the numbers are exaggerated

–Lee Fang reports that US was shipping masks to China in February and March, using air cargo to avoid disclosures

–in Israel, “alternate” prime minister Benny Gantz suggests delay in annexation plan