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PBC News & Comment: Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP, Arrest 32

Our correspondent Jonah Lehto reports on the early morning police action that broke up Seattle’s CHOP, leading to 32 arrests….--Lehto’s report is here CHOP Report.7.1.20

--The Guardian recaps recent officer shootings by the LA Sheriff’s department

--corporate media outlets go heavy on RussiaBountygate, as White House and intel officials say Trump had not been briefed on the allegations

--more yellow journalism: NY Times says cash transfers from GRU to Taliban are “evidence” of unproven claims of bounty payments

--Caitlin Johnstone counters the official narrative

--at MintPress, Alan Macleod challenges the speculative reporting

--and at, Afgan war veteran Danny Sjursen urges skepticism

--at the UN, Mike Pompeo draws no support for gambit to extend part of the Iran nuclear deal that US withdrew from

--Facebook says it is shutting down Boogaloo accounts, but Buzzfeed shows how they missed at least one, and how Facebook has profited from them

--in Kentucky and Colorado primaries, the progressives lost by slim margins

--federal appeals court reinstates GOP voter restrictions in Wisconsin

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Chesapeake Energy, one of the early fracking successes, collapses

--Committee to Protect Journalists names 10 top threats to press freedom, but excludes Julian Assange