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PBC News & Comment: Media Coverup Holds As Epstein’s Pimp is Arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell, who procured and abused young girls with Jeffrey Epstein, is arrested, but corporate media keeps coverage sharply limited…–media outlets, and Netflix documentary Filthy Rich avoid exposing Epstein’s sexual blackmail schemes, and ties to intelligence and powerful people like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

–some of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers settle for $19 million

–MSM continue to hype RussiaBountyGate, as Dems and GOP align to prevent troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Germany:

–Glenn Greenwald comments on Liz Cheney’s House bill

–16 Dem hawks in Senate join GOP to block Trump’s withdrawal plans

The American Conservative challenges the leak-based reporting of bounties

–wicked Lee Camp says bounty narrative is effort to end “threat of peace”

–and Ray McGovern says beware of NYT DC bureau chief David Sanger

–Supreme Court will hear appeal on House access to Mueller grand jury reports, delaying resolution past election

–using FOIA, Jason Leopold continues to mine Mueller docs

–David Sirota explains why corporate America loves John Roberts

–and NY Times court watcher Linda Greenhouse explains how Roberts flipped in Louisiana abortion ruling

–top British court rules that Maduro is not leader of Venezuela, can’t access its gold reserves at UK bank

–while embracing demonization of Maduro, researchers call for end to sanctions against Venezuela due to Covid

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–California prison boss admits mistakes as virus overtakes San Quentin

–Lansing state prison in Kansas is another deadly prison outbreak site

–new study shows Cook County Jail is major source of Covid in Chicago

–correspondent Jonah Lehto’s latest update Seattle Protest Report

–TrumpCo signs 5-year deal for hi-tech border surveillance…so why do we need a wall?

–in Texas, immigration lawyer is blocked from talking to clients about the be deported

–Cuban migrants on hunger strike are gassed at New Mexico prison

–court ruling curtails Trump’s asylum ban

–Mississippi takes down its racist Confederate flag

–desperate Trump is playing the race card, early in the campaign

–TV host Hugh Downs dies at 99