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PBC News & Comment: Media Coverup Holds As Epstein’s Pimp is Arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell, who procured and abused young girls with Jeffrey Epstein, is arrested, but corporate media keeps coverage sharply limited…--media outlets, and Netflix documentary Filthy Rich avoid exposing Epstein’s sexual blackmail schemes, and ties to intelligence and powerful people like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

--some of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers settle for $19 million

--MSM continue to hype RussiaBountyGate, as Dems and GOP align to prevent troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Germany:

--Glenn Greenwald comments on Liz Cheney’s House bill

--16 Dem hawks in Senate join GOP to block Trump’s withdrawal plans

--The American Conservative challenges the leak-based reporting of bounties

--wicked Lee Camp says bounty narrative is effort to end “threat of peace”

--and Ray McGovern says beware of NYT DC bureau chief David Sanger

--Supreme Court will hear appeal on House access to Mueller grand jury reports, delaying resolution past election

--using FOIA, Jason Leopold continues to mine Mueller docs

--David Sirota explains why corporate America loves John Roberts

--and NY Times court watcher Linda Greenhouse explains how Roberts flipped in Louisiana abortion ruling

--top British court rules that Maduro is not leader of Venezuela, can’t access its gold reserves at UK bank

--while embracing demonization of Maduro, researchers call for end to sanctions against Venezuela due to Covid

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--California prison boss admits mistakes as virus overtakes San Quentin

--Lansing state prison in Kansas is another deadly prison outbreak site

--new study shows Cook County Jail is major source of Covid in Chicago

--correspondent Jonah Lehto’s latest update Seattle Protest Report

--TrumpCo signs 5-year deal for hi-tech border surveillance…so why do we need a wall?

--in Texas, immigration lawyer is blocked from talking to clients about the be deported

--Cuban migrants on hunger strike are gassed at New Mexico prison

--court ruling curtails Trump’s asylum ban

--Mississippi takes down its racist Confederate flag

--desperate Trump is playing the race card, early in the campaign

--TV host Hugh Downs dies at 99