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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Favors Religious Discrimination

In rulings on employment discrimination and contraceptive access, the Catholic-dominated Supreme Court allows discrimination in God’s name….--alarmingly, both decisions were 7-2 votes

--some churches that claimed divine right to open during pandemic are hot spots of infection

--federal appeals court in Atlanta deals setback to ex-felons in Florida whose right to vote was restored by voter initiative

--poll shows 90% of Americans agree that racism and police brutality are serious problems

--since Memorial Day, there have been at least 66 car attacks on protesters, 7 by cops

--legal expert Marjorie Cohn reports on lawsuits about police tactics against protesters

--Trump campaign ads use deceptively edited video footage to promote vilification of protesters

--Trump tweets video of Tucker Carlson’s ugly smears of Sen. Tammy Duckworth

--California Democrats debate proposal to reject donations from police unions

--as more elections are held by mail, we learn that up to 10% of absentee ballots are rejected by registrars

--Facebook audit by anti-discrimination experts is pretty negative

--Facebook takes down 100 pages and accounts that were controlled by Roger Stone

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--slammed for its response to Covid in nursing homes and prisons, Cuomo administration pushes back

--San Quentin outbreak puts stress on local hospitals

--GOP-aligned low tax/small govt advocates took bailouts, bigly

--Gareth Porter dismantles NY Times RussiaBountyGate narrative

--Lt. Col. Vindman, bullied by Trump for testifying in impeachment, retires after promotion is blocked by vindictive stable genius

--Tom Friedman advises Biden to refuse to debate unless Trump releases taxes, agrees to fact-checkers