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PBC News & Comment: SCOTUS Says Trump’s Taxes Can Be Investigated

In 2 rulings, top court says NY grand jury can see Trump’s tax records, but blocks Congressional subpoena on dubious grounds…–op-ed writers Josh Chavetz and conservative Henry Olson comment

–the NY DA, Cyrus Vance, Jr. gets to review Trump’s taxes, but new reports detail how he killed an investigation into Ivanka and Don Jr

–Geoff Berman, the NY US Attorney sacked by AG Bill Barr, tells his story to House committee

–Michael Cohen, who Berman convicted, is sent back to prison for violating home confinement

–but Kevin Gosztola reports that Reality Winner is again denied compassionate release

–Supreme Court rules that large parts of Oklahoma, including portions of Tulsa, are on Indian territory

–USC law professor Nomi Stolzenberg delivers strong analysis of the Court’s pro-religious rulings

–GOP-dominated Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds outrageous GOP laws that constrain Dem governor

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–we also update the Seattle incident where Summer Taylor was killed by a driver in a white Jaguar, Dawit Kelete, including a report from our correspondent Jonah Lehto  Seattle Protest Report.7.9.20

–and we update recent police shootings in Vallejo and Los Angeles, the 16-year-old boy killed by staff at juvenile lockdown in Michigan, the attempted lynching of Vauhxx Booker and related car ramming in Bloomington, IN and transcripts of George Floyd killing from one of the cops’ bodycams

–Joy Reid, an unabashed political hack, is promoted to prime time at MSNBC