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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Clemency for Roger Stone is Deeply Corrupt

One compulsive liar protects another, as Roger Stone’s commutation shows the depths of Trump’s corruption from Mr. Law and Order….--while the Russiagate scandal has crumbled, Stone was clearly guilty of lying and threatening a witness, but Trump shows rare loyalty to another con man

----in op-ed, St. Bob Mueller resurfaces to defend his limited hangout investigation

--in fresh in-depth interview, author Larry Tye compares Trump to Joe McCarthy, and their common ally, Roy Cohn

--as Trump’s minions attack Dr. Fauci, he retweet another game show host, Chuck Woolery, who says everything about Covid is a lie

--Trump mused about selling Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria’s destruction

--Trump’s demagoguery, coupled with the systemic failures of our reactive politics, leaves us rudderless in a worldwide storm

--NY DA is heading back to court to get Trump’s tax returns

--in strong analysis, SF Chronicle legal writer Bob Egelko notes how the Roberts Court downplays clear racism from Trump

--former Planned Parenthood employee Jessa Crispin has strong criticism of PP

--in Seattle, our correspondent Jonah Lehto reports that Mayor Durkan faces recall Seattle Protest Report.7.13.20

--about 150 Minneapolis cops are claiming disability for PTSD from working George Floyd protests

--Berkeley is debating a plan to remove cops from traffic enforcement

--in Arkansas, big-mouth cop kills fellow officer after threat to shoot protesters at his door

--video from Allentown, PA shows cop kneeling on suspect’s head and neck

--also in PA, a 13-year-old boy will be tried as adult after shooting his little brother in cops & robbers game

--first federal execution in 17 years is on hold over method of murder

--our Covid-19 daily update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--in California, governor issues statewide limits on restaurants, as he orders 8,000 prisoners released early after San Quentin outbreak

--service workers face violence in efforts to require face masks

--Trump wore a mask; on a flight, Ted Cruz didn’t

--China announces sanctions of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for criticizing treatment of Uighurs

--China and Iran announce trade and military alliance

--prosecutors ask court to keep Ghislaine Maxell in jail

--bankrupt McClatchy newspaper chain is auctioned to hedge fund

--Washington’s NFL team will change its name