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In-Depth Interview: Journalist/Author Colin Woodard Explains Regional Differences in Covid Response

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Colin Woodard has done deep research on the regional cultures of the United States, and joins us to apply that analysis to the varied regional responses to Covid-19.Woodard is an award-winning investigative and political reporter for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram who wrote the book American Nations in 2011. Listener Abbie McMillan shared this fascinating article by Woodard, and gets producer credit for this interview.  Find out more about Woodard and his books here.

Woodard explains that his study of cultures that aren’t limited by borders began when he lived in Europe for several years, leading to his unique analysis of North America.  He subdivided it into 11 nations with identifiable characteristics, which now inform his commentary on varied responses to the pandemic, which he says are more pronounced because of Trump’s failure to lead a strong federal effort.

We hopscotch across America, starting with the current hot spots of virus outbreaks: Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and Florida.  He offers colorful insights into the behaviors based on regional factors.