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PBC News & Comment: Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices Rush to Resume Executions

Overnight, SCOTUS overturned lower court hold on executions, and Dan Lee, who claimed innocence, was murdered this morning in Terre Haute…--Federal judge in Georgia overturn’s “heartbeat law” that would ban abortions at 6 weeks

--following on Supreme Court decision, SF appeals court upholds California sanctuary laws

--Epstein’s former pimp and girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty, fights for bail

--citizen claims in Seattle show range of injuries blamed on police, Jonah Lehto reports Seattle Protest Report.7.14.20

--WashPost reports that 8 people suffered severe eye injuries during various protests on May 30

--as pandemic unemployment continues, Congress has limited time to extend benefits expiring on July 30

--the April bailouts rewarded banks with estimate $18 billion in fees for processing loans with zero risk

--mortgage delinquencies and renter evictions show deep impact of the oncoming downturn

--Trump donor and new Postmaster General leads wrecking crew at Postal Service

--California takes 2 steps back toward lockdown mode, as case increases and hospitalizations keep rising

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis, struggle over school re-openings continues

--Texas hospitals are running out of drugs, beds, ventilators and staff

--Pepe Escobar’s latest dispatch looks at Iran-China alliance

--pandering to voters in Miami, Trump teases that “something will happen with Venezuela”

--former UN ambassador and New Mexico governor Bill Richardson heads to Caracas, hoping to win release of American mercenaries who botched invasion

--pro-Israel opinion editor Bari Weiss blames Twitter in her resignation letter to NY Times

--listener Jerry Fresia comments on Roger Stone commutation, as prosecutor from Mueller team wants to put Stone in front of grand jury

--Joe Biden amps up his climate change and infrastructure plans

--WashPost writer Amber Phillips offers blueprint for a Democratic Senate majority

--Shahid Buttar is working hard to unseat Nancy Pelosi, who refuses to debate him

--Bay Area environmental activist Huey Johnson dies at age 87; watch my 2018 interview with Johnson here