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PBC News & Comment: Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices Rush to Resume Executions

Overnight, SCOTUS overturned lower court hold on executions, and Dan Lee, who claimed innocence, was murdered this morning in Terre Haute…–Federal judge in Georgia overturn’s “heartbeat law” that would ban abortions at 6 weeks

–following on Supreme Court decision, SF appeals court upholds California sanctuary laws

–Epstein’s former pimp and girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty, fights for bail

–citizen claims in Seattle show range of injuries blamed on police, Jonah Lehto reports Seattle Protest Report.7.14.20

WashPost reports that 8 people suffered severe eye injuries during various protests on May 30

–as pandemic unemployment continues, Congress has limited time to extend benefits expiring on July 30

–the April bailouts rewarded banks with estimate $18 billion in fees for processing loans with zero risk

–mortgage delinquencies and renter evictions show deep impact of the oncoming downturn

–Trump donor and new Postmaster General leads wrecking crew at Postal Service

–California takes 2 steps back toward lockdown mode, as case increases and hospitalizations keep rising

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis, struggle over school re-openings continues

–Texas hospitals are running out of drugs, beds, ventilators and staff

–Pepe Escobar’s latest dispatch looks at Iran-China alliance

–pandering to voters in Miami, Trump teases that “something will happen with Venezuela”

–former UN ambassador and New Mexico governor Bill Richardson heads to Caracas, hoping to win release of American mercenaries who botched invasion

–pro-Israel opinion editor Bari Weiss blames Twitter in her resignation letter to NY Times

–listener Jerry Fresia comments on Roger Stone commutation, as prosecutor from Mueller team wants to put Stone in front of grand jury

–Joe Biden amps up his climate change and infrastructure plans

WashPost writer Amber Phillips offers blueprint for a Democratic Senate majority

–Shahid Buttar is working hard to unseat Nancy Pelosi, who refuses to debate him

–Bay Area environmental activist Huey Johnson dies at age 87; watch my 2018 interview with Johnson here