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PBC News & Comment: New Details Emerge of George Floyd’s Arrest and Death

Floyd freaked out when cop who stopped him pulled a gun, triggering flashback and resistance to arrest and detention….–Floyd told one officer he had had Covid; read details here

–in Phoenix, video details brutal arrest of 5-foot-2 woman in traffic stop last January

NY Times deploys 64 videos that contradict NYPD claims of “restraint” on Floyd protesters

The Intercept uses hacked Blueleaks docs to show that law enforcement focused on antifa while ignoring Boogaloo and other armed white factions

–another trove of hacked materials from Distributed Denial of Secrets exposes personal data of 700,000 cops, stolen from Fusion Centers

–at ConsortiumNews, Craig Murray details how Julian Assange is being extradited based on an old indictment, but will face a revised version

–in Alabama primary, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was retired by voters

–Trump’s niece Mary Trump says Uncle Don is “Utterly incapable of leading this country”

–at yesterday’s news conference, Rambling Uncle Don proved her right, bigly

–Feds abruptly withdrew plan to terminate student visas at court hearing

–Trump continues fight to keep tax records secret

NY Times lists 100 environmental regulation rollbacks

–same federal judge attempts to block execution of man with deep dementia

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–former Fed chair Ben Bernanke makes the case for bailouts of state and local governments

–in March California primary, 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected

–Ghislaine Maxwell says she has a husband, but won’t name him to court officials

–two must-read takes on Bari Weiss’ dramatic resignation from NY Times: from Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton at The Grayzone, and Moira Donegan at The Guardian