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PBC News & Comment: Trump Expanding Storm Trooper Deployment to Chicago Next

After test-driving dictator tactics in Seattle and Portland, Trump is reportedly dispatching his unmarked storm troopers to Chicago….--his comments expose the naked political partisanship behind this federal power grab

--Trump’s extreme depictions of violence and anarchy are unhinged, but appeal to those suburban voters he’s trying to connect with

--NY Times columnist Jamelle Bouie offers cogent comments and call to action

--in fresh, in-depth interview, Prof. Kyati Joshi rips away the façade of religious freedom in US, discussing her new book, White Christian Privilege

--new WashPost poll shows that Trump’s attacks on Black Lives Matter and defense of Confederate statues are working with his base voters

--GOP infighting over terms of next bailout bill appear to kill payroll tax

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren outlines her priorities in op-ed

--the alleged gunman who attacked judge’s home is ID’d as lawyer with anti-feminist history

--but the intrepid Whitney Webb links Roy Den Hollander to murky security group dubbed “private CIA”

--Fox “News” poll shows majority of Americans think Biden and Trump lack mental soundness to serve as president

--Democrats sound the alarm about new foreign election interference, but it seems to be an effort to protect Biden from Ukraine fallout

--last week, we were told that Russian hackers were trying to steal date on Covid vaccine research, this week, it’s a pair of Chinese hackers

--desperate to find a voting fraud case with a likely Democrat, NC prosecutor refiles stiffer charges against woman who voted while on probation

--Michael Cohen sues to win back home release, says he was sent back to prison to prevent him from writing a book

--Kevin Gosztola reports that NSA whistleblower Reality Winner has tested positive for Covid, along with 500 other prisoners at her lockup

--our daily Covid-19 update, including ProPublica report on virus data points, and review of drug trials

--Paul Lehto, who blew the whistle on Bakken shale facilities, is source for new report about radical “Three Percenters” who form large group of energy workers