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PBC News & Comment: Federal Siege of Portland Continues, Trump Threatens Other Cities

Confronted by a Wall of Moms and a naked woman, federal storm troopers defy local, state officials in Portland protest suppression…--at MintPress, Alan Mcleod surveys the scene

--Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce has some choice words on the situation

--Trump is being advised by Constitution-bending Bush lawyer John Yoo

--leaked memo admits that Trump’s private army has no training in crowd control

--Sen. Lindsay Graham supports the illegal crackdown, as Sen. Rand Paul opposes it

--weekend protests in Seattle were mostly peaceful, but one faction engaged in vandalism, reports our correspondent, Jonah Lehto Seattle Protest Report.7.20.20

--a gunman posing as FedEx driver attacked the home of federal judge presiding over Epstein/DuetscheBank case, killing her son and wounding her husband

--in coverage of Epstein and his pimp Maxwell, Fox focuses on Epstein link to bill Clinton, MSNBC leans on links to Trump

--at ConsortiumNews, a 3-pack of reports on Colin Powell’s regrets for selling the invasion of Iraq: Scott Ritter, Ray McGovern and Joe Lauria

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--NY Times offers a relatively uncharged account of resistance to Covid-19 vaccine

--UN Secretary-General says Covid has revealed fallacies and falsehoods everywhere

--GOP plan for next bailout bill sets stage for contentious fight

--NY Times buries report that further undermines Russiagate, as Senate committee releases notes by Peter Strozk

--in honor of the passing of Rep. John Lewis, your humble host shares his encounter with this impressive man