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PBC News & Comment: Federal Siege of Portland Continues, Trump Threatens Other Cities

Confronted by a Wall of Moms and a naked woman, federal storm troopers defy local, state officials in Portland protest suppression…–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod surveys the scene

Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce has some choice words on the situation

–Trump is being advised by Constitution-bending Bush lawyer John Yoo

–leaked memo admits that Trump’s private army has no training in crowd control

–Sen. Lindsay Graham supports the illegal crackdown, as Sen. Rand Paul opposes it

–weekend protests in Seattle were mostly peaceful, but one faction engaged in vandalism, reports our correspondent, Jonah Lehto Seattle Protest Report.7.20.20

–a gunman posing as FedEx driver attacked the home of federal judge presiding over Epstein/DuetscheBank case, killing her son and wounding her husband

–in coverage of Epstein and his pimp Maxwell, Fox focuses on Epstein link to bill Clinton, MSNBC leans on links to Trump

–at ConsortiumNews, a 3-pack of reports on Colin Powell’s regrets for selling the invasion of Iraq: Scott Ritter, Ray McGovern and Joe Lauria

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

NY Times offers a relatively uncharged account of resistance to Covid-19 vaccine

–UN Secretary-General says Covid has revealed fallacies and falsehoods everywhere

–GOP plan for next bailout bill sets stage for contentious fight

NY Times buries report that further undermines Russiagate, as Senate committee releases notes by Peter Strozk

–in honor of the passing of Rep. John Lewis, your humble host shares his encounter with this impressive man