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PBC News & Comment: Americans Numbed by Daily Trump Scandals

Trump asked his ambassador to Britain to lobby for British Open at his Scottish golf resort, major donor implicated in Kentucky pension scam…NY Times breaks story of sordid influence peddling aimed at bringing tournament to unprofitable Trump property

–David Sirota breaks story of Kentucky lawsuit against Steve Schwrazman, megadonor to Trump and Mitch McConell

–Trump issues unconstitutional and impossible order to subtract non-citizens from census-based reapportionment

–mayors of 15 major cities demand that Trump end federal presence in Portland, and stay out of other cities

–House Intel chair Adam Schiff says he’s shocked by DHS surveillance of protesters, as he fights to renew surveillance laws

WashPost report says Homeland Security was supposed to focus on foreign terrorists

–in pre-dawn raid, NYPD took down occupation near City Hall

–Philadelphia is threatening to dismantle homeless protest camp

–in Albany, state lawmakers work on legislation to limit detention of protesters

–Portland protests continued last night

–67 current an former DA’s defend St. Louis prosecutor who filed charges against couple who brandished weapons at protesters

–Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, Shahid Buttar, draws sex harassment charge

–House will vote on removing Confederate statues from Capitol

–Sierra Club backs away from its hero and founder, John Muir over his racist history

–rare, bipartisan bill to maintain national parks cruises into law

–in the Senate, no bipartisan agreement on bailouts—GOP can’t even define its key elements

–our Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–the lawyer accused of attack on federal judge’s home is being investigate for another killing in California

–Twitter puts restrictions on accounts linked to Q-anon

–Kim Kardashian asks us to take it easy on Kanye, he’s bipolar

–Obama goes to bat for Biden in tag-team video

–China promises retaliation as US shutters its consulate in Houston

–Jordan’s prime minister challenges Israel to pursue one state, with full rights for Palestinians

–Israel is leaking info about recent attacks on Iran, reports MintPress

–in well-argued essay, Robert Wright shows Bari Weiss is intolerant of other views, and uses anti-Semitism to attack critics of Israel