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PBC News & Comment: Americans Numbed by Daily Trump Scandals

Trump asked his ambassador to Britain to lobby for British Open at his Scottish golf resort, major donor implicated in Kentucky pension scam…--NY Times breaks story of sordid influence peddling aimed at bringing tournament to unprofitable Trump property

--David Sirota breaks story of Kentucky lawsuit against Steve Schwrazman, megadonor to Trump and Mitch McConell

--Trump issues unconstitutional and impossible order to subtract non-citizens from census-based reapportionment

--mayors of 15 major cities demand that Trump end federal presence in Portland, and stay out of other cities

--House Intel chair Adam Schiff says he’s shocked by DHS surveillance of protesters, as he fights to renew surveillance laws

--WashPost report says Homeland Security was supposed to focus on foreign terrorists

--in pre-dawn raid, NYPD took down occupation near City Hall

--Philadelphia is threatening to dismantle homeless protest camp

--in Albany, state lawmakers work on legislation to limit detention of protesters

--Portland protests continued last night

--67 current an former DA’s defend St. Louis prosecutor who filed charges against couple who brandished weapons at protesters

--Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, Shahid Buttar, draws sex harassment charge

--House will vote on removing Confederate statues from Capitol

--Sierra Club backs away from its hero and founder, John Muir over his racist history

--rare, bipartisan bill to maintain national parks cruises into law

--in the Senate, no bipartisan agreement on bailouts—GOP can’t even define its key elements

--our Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--the lawyer accused of attack on federal judge’s home is being investigate for another killing in California

--Twitter puts restrictions on accounts linked to Q-anon

--Kim Kardashian asks us to take it easy on Kanye, he’s bipolar

--Obama goes to bat for Biden in tag-team video

--China promises retaliation as US shutters its consulate in Houston

--Jordan’s prime minister challenges Israel to pursue one state, with full rights for Palestinians

--Israel is leaking info about recent attacks on Iran, reports MintPress

--in well-argued essay, Robert Wright shows Bari Weiss is intolerant of other views, and uses anti-Semitism to attack critics of Israel