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PBC News & Comment: Insider Details Dems’ Bad Choices on Impeachment

Nine articles were drafted before Ukraine scandal emerged, and Democratic leaders bet the ranch on Trump’s “perfect” Zelenskey phone call…--Michael Cohen, who was convicted to following Trump’s orders, is snet home from prison, again

--Bush “surged” in Iraq, Obama “surged” in Afghanistan….both failures; Trump is “surging” in American cities: Chicago, Albuquerque, Kansas City

--Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, was tear gassed by Trump’s storm troopers last night, alongside protesters he says “Hate my guts”

--Oregon attorney general gets hearing on request for injunction against federal deployment

--NY Times reveals the history of federal forces on American streets

--WashPost tries to explain how feds justify intervention, using lies and half-truths

--at The Nation, Ken Klippenstein details surveillance by CPB that skirts the law, too

--NY state legislature changed the law to end secrecy of police misconduct records, but a federal judge has put it on hold

--on House floor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez destroys trash-talking Rep. Ted Yoho for abusive exchange

--Trump trashtweets Liz Cheney for blocking withdrawal of troops from Germany and Afghanistan, following “Russian bountygate” leaks

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on Pentagon efforts to stop leaks, based on Obama-era surveillance of military

--WikiLeaks ally Craig Murray will testify in Spanish investigation of surveillance of Assange at Ecuadorian embassy

--Ghislaine Maxwell loses plea to keep her dirty laundry in the hamper

--The Intercept reports on cruel treatment of sick prisoners at corporate-run immigration prison

--WashPost says GOP leaders can’t agree on bailout package, NY Times says they have a tentative plan

--one in five workers is unemployed—more than 31 million

--our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis

--at another sedate Trump ‘Rona briefing, he blames BLM protesters for spreading the virus

--NY Democrats skirmish over nursing home deaths and liability limits

--Pennsylvania meatpacking workers sue OSHA for failure to regulate Covid conditions

--Chinese researcher accused of lying on visa application hides out at China’s consulate in San Francisco

--in new video report, Glenn Greenwald revisits the US-backed coup in Bolivia last year

--Pepe Escobar reports on leaked documents that detail major money laundering scheme that led to chaos in Brazil