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PBC News & Comment: AG Bill Barr Faces Grilling on Capitol Hill

Trump’s personal lawyer who also plays Attorney General, Bill Barr, handles barrage of questions with deflection, dissembling, occasionally disarming responses…--Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler tries to use shame on Barr, with little effect

--ugly details of GOP bailout bill anger Dems, especially restoring money that Trump stole for The Wall, and new FBI building

--GOP also offers bupkis for cost of mail-in elections

--Greg Palast warns of the prospect of millions of rejected mail-in ballots as we discuss his new book, How Trump Stole 2020

--2 Trump-appointed federal appeals court justices refused to recuse, in Florida felon voting rights case

--about a thousand protesters rallied in Portland last night, as federal stormtroopers popped out occasionally with tear gas

--Portland is fining the feds for unpermitted fence at federal building, tab now stands at $200,000

--The Intercept reports an Air Force surveillance plane is circling the Portland area

--Wall of Moms file new suit to stop the federal invasion

--as protesters expand to Nike HQ in Beaverton, a videographer is called a “snitch” and attacked more than one

--federal magistrate allow wrongful death suit by widow of LaVoy Finicum to proceed

--in Seattle, federal agents are departing as Black Lives Matter accuse Seattle police of ambushing demonstrators

--Seattle council members criticize cops for demanding unaired media footage

--Minneapolis police ID “umbrella man” seen breaking windows in first days of protest, and he’s not a cop

--recent riot in Richmond, VA was instigated by white supremacists impersonating BLM activists

--in Austin, new video shows cops shot and killed unarmed man, leading to weekend protests that left armed protester dead

--lawsuit says Trump campaign is hiding millions in media buying scheme

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Kevin Gosztola reports that National Whistleblower Center is warning of big fraud in fossil fuel industry

--global warming will add to racial injustice, experts say

--former top FBI agent Peter Strozk plugs his new book about Russiagate