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PBC News & Comment: Trump Orders More Stormtroopers to Portland

Photojournalist Payton Bruni brings us eyewitness account of weekend clashes in Portland, where federal agents have increased size, intensity of protests…–you can view Bruni’s most recent photos here

–in odd ruling, federal judge rules that Oregon’s attorney general “lacks standing” to seek injunction on secretive behavior of federal agents

Guardian quotes former Border Patrol agents commenting on CBP’s militarization and brutal tactics

–protests and some violence reported around the US, driven by Trump’s use of federal forces to “dominate the streets”

–Seattle was once again a hot spot, with some conflict on Saturday, but federales stayed off the streets as federal judge overturned restrictions on cops

–Seattle public media’s detailed timeline of fatal shooting in the CHOP on June 19 contradicts claims of police chief

–DC National Guard major contradicts White House scenario of clearing Lafayette Square before Trump’s photo op with bible

–Big Oil backs police foundations that oppose reform

Guardian deserves credit for putting climate change at the top of its headlines today

–Thursday is National Whistleblower Appreciation day, you’re invited to attend a conference and film fest online

–Bill Binney, NSA whistleblower, returns for an in-depth interview, talking about new information that undermines Russiagate narrative

–at London hearing on extradition of Julian Assange, lawyer argues that Bill Barr is using case for political ends

–AG Bill Barr exposes Russian-American “subsource” for Steele dossier

–Obama’s national security advisor, Susan Rice, is running for Veep, will face questions from me about Libya, Syria

–Sen. Tom Cotton says slavery was “necessary evil”

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–Israeli forces fire on Lebanese border, blaming Hezbollah

–an American nonprofit that supports IDF soldiers got $2.5 million PPP bailout

–Ken Marcus, Israel’s friend at the Dept of Education, is stepping down