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PBC News & Comment: Oregon Governor Says Federales Are Leaving Portland

Governor Brown will replace federal stormtroopers with state troopers, but Trump and DHS boss add conditions, send agents to other cities…–last night in Portland, protesters were less provocative, federal forces scaled back response

–ACLU sues over police livestreaming protests and using video surveillance, and over violations of ban on hassling journalists

–the Wall of Moms movement is expanding to other cities

–AOC and Rep. Ted Lieu offer amendment to block funding for federal deployments

–anonymous intel leaks warn that Russia is spreading disinfo about Covid

–Trump promotes views of Dr. Stella Immanuel promoting HCQ as Covid “cure” as social media sites take down her video

–Hong Kong cops arrest 4 young people for pro-independence posts in social media, and Turkey expands its control

–at ConsortiumNews, retired Australian diplomat Tony Kevin calls out anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda

–CEO’s of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google deflect angry questions in hearing held by House subcommittee

–undermining his GOP allies on Capitol Hill, Trump pushes to separate unemployment money and eviction ban from bailout bill

–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod has a pair of stories about the GOP proposals, and Dems’ weak response on unemployment

–showing his ignorance, again, Trump says he’ll give convention acceptance speech from White House, which violates Hatch Act

–caught on camera, Biden’s notes suggest Kamala Harris is VP pick

–Pentagon announces shuffle of US troops in Europe

–TrumpCo makes changes to DACA, won’t accept new applications, and says it won’t deport children held at hotel in Texas

–Postal Service gets loan from Treasury Dept. as new Postmaster General makes big changes