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PBC News & Comment: Desperado Don Floats Election Delay

Attempting to distract from worst GDP and jobless reports, Trump says election should be delayed over mail-in ballots; Quittin’ Time?....--Trump’s distraction tweet produces bipartisan chorus, “No Way!”

--Politico co-founder John Harris wants Trump to pull an LBJ, and pull out of re-election campaign

--Trump lurches from dire warnings of urban unrest to dire warnings of suburban destruction

--Trump’s stormtroopers staged another night of street theater in Portland last night

--Portland clears 2 parks near federal building as state police take over

--Oregonian article explores how Gov. Kate Brown got feds to agree to stand down

--white women who started Wall of Moms are accused of “anti-Blackness” by new leadership crew

--in Seattle, mayor and police chief call protesters’ less-lethal tools “explosives”

--at The Intercept, Alice Speri makes excellent case to dismantle Homeland Security Dept.

--in op-ed, Matt Stoller called yesterday’s theatrical grilling of tech CEO’s “glorious sight”, but there’s no real regulation in sight

--David Sirota exposes Kamala Harris’ cozy ties to Silicon Valley

--as John Lewis is laid to rest, his final commentary is published

--full DC Appeals Court takes up Flynn case, vacating order by 3-judge panel

--NY federal judge blocks Trump’s “public benefits” rule

--on National Whistleblower Appreciation Day, Kevin Gosztola notes some major ironies

--Pelosi challenger Shahid Buttar draws defenders after claim of sexual harassment

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--your humble host believes there is legitimate controversy over HCQ

--despite eviction moratoria, landlords are squeezing out tenants in California

--Jake Johnson points out that the loan deal for the Postal Service could accelerate its demise

--self-styled Libyan leader gets support from Israel, MintPress reports

--as artist display’s Netanyahu’s “last supper”, Bibi plays the victim

--new analysis may lead to source of the stones at Stonehenge

--here in Marin County, Sir Francis Drake is being scrubbed from the landscape by people with limited grasp of his history