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PBC News & Comment: Trump, GOP Leave Americans At Risk from Covid and Poverty

As benefits expire, Congress is gridlocked and TrumpCo fights with GOP Senate over bailouts and unemployed Americans grow increasingly desperate…--GOP leaders are oblivious to the suffering, and haggle over unemployment funding as hunger and homelessness loom

--Trump undercuts GOP by dropping McConnell’s immunity clause

--Trump’s gambit to distract with “rigged election” claims is roundly rejected as polls show erosion of support

--White House denounces Hong Kong’s plan to delay elections

--Washington State AG has contingency plan if Trump tries delay

--another pundit calls for Trump to resign

--in latest well-targeted video satire, Australian Honesty in Government project nails American chaos,  with thanks to Mark in Melbourne

--in new in-depth interview, Adam Eichen and attorney Jason Harrow explain the defects of the Electoral College, and plans to fix it

--peace broke out in Portland last night, as Trump’s shock troops stood down

--AP report shows arrested protesters are all locals, and don’t fit anarchist or antifa tags

--DHS boss orders end to data collection on journalists

--federal judge refuses to delay hearing over excessive use of force in Seattle

--The Intercept reminds us that feds are probably using Stingray to track protesters

--David Sirota exposes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to billionaire’s tax

--Caitlin Johnstone exposes the collusion of media and government

--unsealed deposition exposes Ghislaine Maxwell as Epstein’s co-predator, and contradicts Bill Clinton’s denials

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Yale professors offer cheery comments on antibodies and vaccine prospects

--new report confirms children carry the virus

--Ohio House bounces its Speaker over bribery allegations

--convicted Boston Marathon Dzhokar Tsarnaev escapes death penalty

--Florida teen is charged as mastermind of recent Twitter hack

--Twitter bans David Duke

--ConsortiumNews reports that Assange’s judge has OK’d 23 of 24 extradition cases she’s handled