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PBC News & Comment: Trump, GOP Leave Americans At Risk from Covid and Poverty

As benefits expire, Congress is gridlocked and TrumpCo fights with GOP Senate over bailouts and unemployed Americans grow increasingly desperate…–GOP leaders are oblivious to the suffering, and haggle over unemployment funding as hunger and homelessness loom

–Trump undercuts GOP by dropping McConnell’s immunity clause

–Trump’s gambit to distract with “rigged election” claims is roundly rejected as polls show erosion of support

–White House denounces Hong Kong’s plan to delay elections

–Washington State AG has contingency plan if Trump tries delay

another pundit calls for Trump to resign

–in latest well-targeted video satire, Australian Honesty in Government project nails American chaos,  with thanks to Mark in Melbourne

–in new in-depth interview, Adam Eichen and attorney Jason Harrow explain the defects of the Electoral College, and plans to fix it

–peace broke out in Portland last night, as Trump’s shock troops stood down

–AP report shows arrested protesters are all locals, and don’t fit anarchist or antifa tags

–DHS boss orders end to data collection on journalists

–federal judge refuses to delay hearing over excessive use of force in Seattle

The Intercept reminds us that feds are probably using Stingray to track protesters

–David Sirota exposes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to billionaire’s tax

–Caitlin Johnstone exposes the collusion of media and government

–unsealed deposition exposes Ghislaine Maxwell as Epstein’s co-predator, and contradicts Bill Clinton’s denials

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–Yale professors offer cheery comments on antibodies and vaccine prospects

–new report confirms children carry the virus

–Ohio House bounces its Speaker over bribery allegations

–convicted Boston Marathon Dzhokar Tsarnaev escapes death penalty

–Florida teen is charged as mastermind of recent Twitter hack

–Twitter bans David Duke

ConsortiumNews reports that Assange’s judge has OK’d 23 of 24 extradition cases she’s handled