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PBC News & Comment: In Deep Denial, GOP Leaders Channel Herbert Hoover

Americans face trifecta of looming depression: unemployment cutoffs, rising evictions and foreclosures, loss of health insurance, as Washington gridlocks….–in rental dispute, landlord is beheaded by angry renter

–Trump wants to block evictions, he says, “I’ll do it myself if I have to”

–Portland protests were mostly peaceful, as crowds decline and feds stay off the streets

–Seattle council struggles to make deep cuts in police budget

–after protesters visit her home, Seattle police chief asks Council to stop them

–Benjamin Netanyahu escalates his shrill response to protesters at his residence, and his son is rebuked for tweeting home addresses of foes

–the US lobby for Israel has spent $2 million to defeat Rep. Ilhan Omar, who leads her opponent by 37 points

AP report stokes fears of foreign interference in 2020 election

–VIPS issues new public memo to Nancy Pelosi about evidence-free assertions of Russian meddling this year

NY Times top dog David Sanger keeps the meme going in recent column

–GOP leaders fear the impact of Trump’s repeated attacks on mail-in voting

–SCOTUS rejects rational rulings of lower courts, allows construction of The Wall to continue

–top court again intervenes in election rules, tells Idaho it can’t allow e-signatures to qualify education funding initiative

Black Agenda Report’s Danny Haiphong slams “the letter” about cancel culture

–Manhattan DA is investigating TrumpOrg for fraud

–Deutsche Banks personal banker to Trump and Kushner is investigated for improper apartment deal

–federal judge whose son was gunned down at home delivers emotional video statement, demanding better protection for judges

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–“operation Warp Speed” has committed $8 billion to distribute vaccine that doesn’t exist, as scientists worry the process is rushed, politicized

–with nomination of Gen. Tata stalled in Senate, Trump plugs him in to job that doesn’t require confirmation

–did you get a pack of demon seeds from China?