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PBC News & Comment: In Deep Denial, GOP Leaders Channel Herbert Hoover

Americans face trifecta of looming depression: unemployment cutoffs, rising evictions and foreclosures, loss of health insurance, as Washington gridlocks….--in rental dispute, landlord is beheaded by angry renter

--Trump wants to block evictions, he says, “I’ll do it myself if I have to”

--Portland protests were mostly peaceful, as crowds decline and feds stay off the streets

--Seattle council struggles to make deep cuts in police budget

--after protesters visit her home, Seattle police chief asks Council to stop them

--Benjamin Netanyahu escalates his shrill response to protesters at his residence, and his son is rebuked for tweeting home addresses of foes

--the US lobby for Israel has spent $2 million to defeat Rep. Ilhan Omar, who leads her opponent by 37 points

--AP report stokes fears of foreign interference in 2020 election

--VIPS issues new public memo to Nancy Pelosi about evidence-free assertions of Russian meddling this year

--NY Times top dog David Sanger keeps the meme going in recent column

--GOP leaders fear the impact of Trump’s repeated attacks on mail-in voting

--SCOTUS rejects rational rulings of lower courts, allows construction of The Wall to continue

--top court again intervenes in election rules, tells Idaho it can’t allow e-signatures to qualify education funding initiative

--Black Agenda Report’s Danny Haiphong slams “the letter” about cancel culture

--Manhattan DA is investigating TrumpOrg for fraud

--Deutsche Banks personal banker to Trump and Kushner is investigated for improper apartment deal

--federal judge whose son was gunned down at home delivers emotional video statement, demanding better protection for judges

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--“operation Warp Speed” has committed $8 billion to distribute vaccine that doesn’t exist, as scientists worry the process is rushed, politicized

--with nomination of Gen. Tata stalled in Senate, Trump plugs him in to job that doesn’t require confirmation

--did you get a pack of demon seeds from China?