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PBC News & Comment: Our Dear Tweeter Contradicts Himself, Again

In campaign email, Trump says wearing masks is patriotic; in tweet to Floridians, he says mail-in voting is “safe and secure”…--but Conman Don threatens to sue Nevada over its new mail-in voting law

--on delayed primary election day, Michigan voters say they didn’t receive mail-in ballots they requested

--election experts press Congress for more funding for elections

--in strong opinion column, Jamelle Bouie says that Trump is only interested in his base, not expanding to win popular vote

--micromanager-in-chief eases threat to block TikTok in US, but threatens Microsoft over demand for kickback

--drowning in misinformation, Trump fires head of TVA board

--TrumpCo messes with the Census again, changing deadlines

--lawmakers raise concerns about data-mining firm that collects info on BLM protesters

--police in Aurora, CO apologize for detaining Black girls at gunpoint

--in DC, Secret Service investigates incident where agents drew weapons against innocent moms and their babies

--The Grayzone’s Ben Norton obtains USAID memo with blueprint for coup in Nicaragua

--major explosion in Beirut kills 25+, Israel bombs Syria

--Afghan prison break, claimed by Islamic State, ends with 29 dead

--our daily Covid-19 update edited by Linda Lewis

--watch this animation of Texas spread of Covid-19 /

--Op Warp Speed leader blames the media for his glaring conflicts of interest

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that “dissent channels” are risky for government whistleblowers

--fresh from conquering Portland, Border Patrol raided humanitarian aid camp near border, possibly in retaliation

--in front-pager on Sunday, NY Times exposes the lobbyists at top of Biden campaign

--opinion column imagines that tech regulation is coming soon

--San Francisco sports talk legend Ralph Barbieri dies at age 74