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PBC News & Comment: California OK’s Solar Powered Fracking

In bizarre contradiction, California fracking moratorium is lifted and Chevron gets permit for solar powered fracking site in Lost Hills….--Steve Horn reports the shocking news at The Real News

--new US intelligence reports claim China is interfering to defeat Trump, while Russian meddling as aimed at re-electing him

--US State Dept is offering Russians $10 million bounty for revealing election interference, after Pompeo says he rebuked Russia for alleged bounties to Afghan fighters

--based on unknown authority, Trump issues executive orders against TikTok and WeChat, as sanctions are imposed on Hong Kong leaders

--no progress reported on relief package

--Joe Biden fires back on Trump’s “shameful” comments that Biden is “against God” as Joe fends off latest gaffe about Blacks

--Elliott Abrams, who was convicted for lying in Iran-Contra scandal, expands his duties to include regime change in Iran and Venezuela

--another Trump pick, Louis Bremer, takes flak for serving on board of company that trains Saudi elite special ops team that may have assassinated Khashoggi

--former top Saudi intel official, now hiding in Canada, sues to stop MBS from having him killed

--Senators try to block Trump from selling military drones to Saudis and others

--2 court setbacks for Trump: DC appeals court says House can subpoena former White House Counsel; E. Jean Carroll may proceed with case based on her claim that Trump raped her

--more protests, no tear gas in Portland last night

--Seattle woman sues over wrongful detention at protest, and being denied her anti-seizure meds

--LAPD whistleblower discloses “SWAT Mafia”

--in op-ed, Trevor Timm calls for shutdown of DHS

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--at Facebook employee meeting, Zuckerberg comments on TikTok and Trump’s posts