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PBC News & Comment: NY Attorney General Seeks to Abolish NRA

AG Letitia James targets the NRA, NY-chartered nonprofit, for dissolution after top leaders looted $64 million, NRA locks & loads…in lawsuit against Fox News by parents of Seth Rich, US court asks British court to ask Julian Assange 13 questions

–Beirut megablast could take down coalition government with 17 factions

–Israeli allies at Foundation for Defense of Democracy blame Hezbollah

–outspoken Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy employs mockery to criticize Israel

–75 years ago today, US dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, find excellent coverage at ConsortiumNews

–Trump’s fantasy of grabbing Syrian oil takes shape, as US company is granted American license to exploit oil fields in northeast Syria

–Ai Weiwei offers insight into China’s response to Trump sanctions

–Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden blasts feds to using tear gas in Portland; awkwardly, Portland cops used tear gas last night

–acting DHS boss Chad Wolf defends the uninvited deployment of federal goons in Portland at Senate hearing

–Seattle police identify alleged shooter in June 20 CHOP murder, say supect and victim had a year-old feud

–Seattle City Council defies mayor and police chief in budget cut votes

–overriding the Council, mayor and Justice Dept move to extend court order on use of tear gas

Buzzfeed exposes wave of brutal treatment of jailed immigrants

–Trump readies dubious executive orders on eviction ban and unemployment extension, as Congress remains gridlocked

–VP Pence throws shade on Cheif Justice Roberts, and Joe Biden defends Kamal Harris

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

Italian study shows hydroxychloroquine reduces coronavirus fatalities

–highlighting their arbitrary rules, Facebook and Twitter take down video of Trump claiming kids are “virtually immune” to Covid

–movement to elect progressive prosecutors gains ground in Democratic primaries