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PBC News & Comment: Americans Suffer as GOP Mixes Denial, Projection

As many broke Americans face hunger, eviction with no health insurance, GOP tries to use that suffering to blame Democrats….--Trump’s executive orders are just props in his reality-free show

--his reduced unemployment boost requires 25% from states that don’t have the cash

--UMich Prof. Juan Cole asks “how did Americans become such wimps?"

--Summer of Rage continues in Chicago, where police shooting or armed Black man spurs looting on Michigan Ave

--Portland police again declare a riot on weak premise, as protesters target cop union office and precinct building

--Seattle police officials agree not to declare riot as justification of force at protests

--on Friday, NYPD deployed choppers, vanloads of cops to arrest BLM protester, but he held out and the cops gave up

--Lebanon’s government resigns, bowing to protesters after massive blast last week

--Pepe Escobar exposes Lebanon’s corruption and negligence, and sees Israeli connections

--HongKong blasts US sanctions and returns the favor; publisher Jimmy Lai arrested

--Max Blumenthal exposes American agitator Brian Kern, who poses as Kong Tsung-gan

--Caitlin Johnstone exposes fake video footage used to promote Chinese abuse of Uyghurs

--Johnstone also has pungent comments on new claims of foreign interference in US election

--at The Grayzone, Ben Norton contradicts Twitter’s claim that it doesn’t run ads with government propaganda

--as Twitter competes with Microsoft to buy TikTok, The Intercept shows that TikTok gives user data to American government agencies

--rigged election in Belarus keeps Lukashenko in power, as American consultant to his opponent is detained

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Trump wants his own Gettysburg address, as DNC unveils zoom convention lineup for next week

--Phoenix voters end Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s dream of restoration

--Puerto Rico primary halted yesterday due to lack of ballots